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INT Summer School on "Lattice QCD and its applications"

Seattle, August 8 - 28, 2007


To provide a comprehensive introduction to the methods and applications of lattice QCD, beginning at a level suitable for graduate students with a knowledge of quantum field theory, and extended to state-of-the-art applications. The school will also be useful for beginning postdocs.

Planned lectures and lecturers:

  • Introduction to Lattice QCD - Gernot Münster
  • Algorithms and Numerical Methods - Michael Peardon
  • QCD at finite temperature and density - Peter Petreczky
  • Numerical exercises in lattice field theory - Balint Joo
  • Application of perturbative and non-perturbative methods of renormalization in lattice QCD - Stefan Sint
  • Application of chiral perturbation to lattice QCD - Claude Bernard
  • Light-cone hadron structure - William Detmold
  • Heavy quarks on the lattice and their applications - Andreas Kronfeld
  • Flavor Physics from the Lattice - Shoji Hashimoto
  • Introduction to Lattice Supersymmetry - Simon Catterall
  • Hadronic and nuclear physics from lattice - Martin Savage
  • Higgs physics from the lattice - Julius Kuti


    We expect students to stay in the University of Washington dormitories, which are near to the Physics-Astronomy building. We hope to be able to cover a substantial fraction of the students' local expenses.

    Seattle is very pleasant in the summer, with many options for recreational activities in the city and the surrounding mountains and bodies of water, and many cultural activities in the city, and an espresso stand on every corner.

    Further details on the school and applications:

    We will be able to provide partial local support, on a competitive basis, for approximately 40 students. This support will cover a shared dorm room on the UW campus (arriving Tues, Aug 7 and leaving Wed, Aug 29), as well as $20/day for food from campus food outlets.

    For those without support, the cost for a shared dorm room and $20/day of food is approximately $1100 or $50/day. The meal card costs are subject to 9.3% tax, and the meal card is mandatory.

    If you wish to have a single, unshared dorm room you can do so for an added cost of $25/day.

    If you know with whom you wish to share a dorm room, please indicate on the application form. All participants must fill out an application form.


    Graduate students should indicate one reference on the application form. Graduate students wishing to apply for local support should indicate two references. These references should be asked to send a letter of recommendation by email to Steve Sharpe ( The letter should comment on the student's preparation and abilities, how they would benefit from attending the school, and how they would contribute to the school.

    More senior applicants need not provide references.


    The school is now full, and no further applications are being accepted.


    Please email Steve Sharpe, local organizer, at