The 2013 National Nuclear Physics Summer School will be held at Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York from July 15-26. The school is targeted for graduate students and post-docs ideally within a few years of receiving their Ph.D. degrees. The application deadline (April 15th) has passed. For more information on NNPSS including lecture material from previous schools, please visit the INT NNPSS website.

Organized by Stony Brook University & Brookhaven National Laboratory. Sponsored by


  1. Accelerator Physics

  2. Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos

  3. Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy

  4. Hot Dense Nuclear Matter

  5. Lattice QCD and Effective Field Theory Methods

  6. Nuclear Astrophysics

  7. Nuclear Structure and Reactions

Special Colloquia

  1. Alexei Bazavov: lattice QCD at non-zero temp.

  2. Dave Brown: national nuclear data center

  3. Yuri Kovchegov: gluon saturation and small-x

  4. Curtis Meyer: advances in hadron spectroscopy

  5. Mark Sakitt : nuclear proliferation

  6. John Thomas: cold atoms


  1. Barbara Badelek (University of Warsaw & Uppsala U.)

  2. Silas Beane (University of New Hampshire)

  3. Edward Brown (Michigan State University)

  4. Richard Casten (Yale University)

  5. Brian Cole (Columbia University)

  6. John Cowan (University of Oklahoma)

  7. Sangyong Jeon (McGill University)

  8. David Kawall (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

  9. Daniela Leitner (Michigan State University)

  10. Kate Scholberg (Duke University)

  11. Marco Stratmann (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

  12. James Vary (Iowa State University)

  1. The National Science Foundation

  2. The US Department of Energy’s Institute of Nuclear Theory

  3. Stony Brook University’s Office of the Vice President of Research, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics & Astronomy, and the Office of Brookhaven Affairs

  4. Brookhaven National Laboratory

  5. The RIKEN/BNL Research Center