Students that I have Advised

  Graduate Students

Who They Are 

Where They Are Now

James Walden (1994-1997)

Jiunn-Wei Chen (1996-1999)
(Recipient of the ``Dissertation in Nuclear Physics Award''
from the APS for the best PhD thesis in nuclear physics, 2002)

Gautam Rupak (1996-2000)

Daniel Arndt (1998- 2004)

Andre Walker-Loud (2003- 2006)

Brian Smigelski (2006---)

Jow Wasam  (2006---)

Intel (1997-2002)
Somewhere in Ohio (2002---)

Maryland (PostDoc) (1999-2002)
MIT (PostDoc) (2002-2003)
National Taiwan University (Assist. Prof.) (2003----)

TRIUMF (PostDoc) (2000-2001)
LBL (PostDoc) (2001-2003)
Los Alamos (PostDoc) (2003-2006)
INT and NT at UW (2006)
PostDoc) (2006-2009)
Mississippi State University (Assist. Prof.)(2009-)

Financial Consulting (Europe)

U. of Maryland (PostDoc) (2006---)

U. of Taiwan (PostDoc) (2010-2011)
... High School (2011--)

LLNL (2010--)

Undergraduate Students (REU)

Who They Are 
Where They Are Now
Michael Moore (1996)

Andrew Frey (1997) 

Michael Binger (1998)

Harvard University (Grad. Student)

UC Santa Barbara (Grad. Student)

Stanford (Grad. Student)


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