Cycling in France, July 2004

These are some of the photos taken during the French Alps cycling tour in 2004 organized by Erickson Cycle Tours, Inc.

For more photographs, have a look at those taken by Kent , Joe and Angela .

Day -1 : Saturday July 10 .....  Arrival

Flew into Geneva, unpacked the bicycle and rode with Richard from Ferney-Voltaire to Gex and back.

Day 0 : Sunday July 11 .....  Warming up for the Tour.

Rode with Greg, John and Richard from Ferney-Voltaire to Versoix to Nyon (381m), up the Cote de Nyon to St Cergue (1100m)
to la Cure over the Col de Faucille (1376 m), through Gex (600m) back to Ferney-Voltaire. 
It was cold and rainy at the top.

St Cergue St Cergue Lake Geneva from Gex

Looking into the town of Gex from
the world war II memorial
Greg and Richard in Gex John and Greg in Gex

Greg, Myself and John riding through Gex
Riding home from Gex
At a Cafe in Ferney-Voltaire

Day  1 : Monday July 12 ... Arrival day and a ``Short Ride''.

Rode with  group of 11 from Ferney-Voltaire to Nyon, up the back side of the Cote de Nyon, lunch at St Cergue, down the  Cote de Nyon
to Borex to Versonne and back to Ferney-Voltaire. It was cold and wet at the top, and the decent was chilly and it was down hill or flat all
the way home..

Day  2 : Tuesday July 13 ...  Ferney-Voltaire to Eloise.

Started by climbing the Col de Faucille from Gex.  It was cold and rainy at the top (coldest yet). 
Had lunch mid way down the decent in Mijoux  and then did some valley cruising into Eloise.

Joe and Richard  having lunch. 
(Angela and I out of picture)
We are all soaking wet and cold after
the climb up the Col de Faucille.
View from Hotel room in Eloise.
Watching the tour on TV

Christi, Richard and Wick Eloise  
Wick and Richard

John at dinner in Eloise
after his mighty crash
  Wick Richard ...
a face only his mother could love

Kathy Corn Fields

Day  3 : Wednesday July 14  (Bastille Day) ...  Eloise to Champagneux.

Today we rode from Eloise to Seyssel to Ruffieux to Chindrieux to Chanaz to Yennie to Loiseux to Mt Tournier to Gresin to Champagneux.
Started with a flat ride to Chanaz , and then a climb up the Col du Mont-Tournier, and then a beautiful decent into Champagneux.

On the road to Chanaz On the road to Chanaz  Wick in Chanaz at the  patisserie,
having  a pastry and cafe au lait
on Bastille day.

Richard in  Chanaz at the patisserie.
The top of the col du Mont-Tournier Richard and Wick at the top

View from the top of the ridge,
after the great decent from the
col du Mont-Tournier, looking
down at Champagneux.

View from the back of the
hotel in Champagneux

Taking a photo near Chanaz

Day  4 : Thursday July 15 ... Champagneux to Rencurel.

Rode from Champagneuz to St Genis to St Etienne, up the Col de la Croix des Mille Martyrs,
to Voiron to Tullins to St Gervais up the Col de Romeyere to Rencurel.
Had a nice rest stop at the top of the Col de la Croix des Mille Martyrs. 
It was hot on the road, particularly from St Gervais up the Romeyere.
Approx 102 km of riding with 5800 ft of climbing for the day.

At the top of the
Col de la Croix des Mille Martyrs.
Wick and Angela relaxing at the top
On the road to Vieron. 
The road crosses back under itself...
it is clearer in the high-res. picture.

Ted and Miranda at lunch in Voiron,
having just ordered the plat du jour.
Joe and Angela at lunch in Voiron Kent and Marty

Wick and Richard Looking down the Col de Romeyere
from the 15% section.

Looking down the 15% grade
of the Col de Romeyere
Richard and I on 15% 
Richard pointing down hill
on the 15% section

Miranda cresting the  Col de Romeyere The top of the Col de Romeyere Richard cresting Col de Romeyere

Ted, Linda and Haley ...
post climb resting.
Dinner in Rencural.
Dave, Dick, John, Pam, Marcia 
View from the room in the
hotel in Rencurel.

The hotel in Rencurel.

Day  5 : Friday July 16 ... Rest Day

Day  6 : Saturday July 17 ... Rencurel to Chichilliane

Kent and Dick Ted, Miranda and Marcia

Angela Marcia and Galen Marcia and Galen

Looking down from the top of
the Col de Rousset
Looking across from the rest area
on the top of the Col de Rousset
Dave refueling in Die

View from the carpark at the hotel in
The living room in the hotel in
Chichilliane.  This where we watched the
tour this day.
Staircase to our rooms in
the hotel in Chichilliane


Day  7 : Sunday July 18 ... Chichilliane  to  Le Bourg d'Oisans (base of Alpe D'Huez)

Dinner was a Margarita Pizza which we learned has a fried egg on it, quite tasty.

Richard in Mens. Alpe D'Huez from our hotel  in
Le Bourg d'Oisans.  In the high res. picture you
can see the camper vans lining the road at the
top of Alpe D'Huez.  This is 2 days before the
time-trial in the tour de France.
Our hotel in  Le Bourg d'Oisans.

Looking up the main street of
Le Bourg d'Oisans.
Many cafes, patisseries, chocolate shops,
and an excellent bike shop.
The canal in Le Bourg d'Oisans.

Day  8 : Monday July 19 ...  Alpe D'Huez

Climbing Alpe D'Huez ...  14 kms of pain.

The finish line on the top of
Alpe D'Huez
John enjoying lunch on Alpe D'Huez.
Behind him is a clear view of
Mont Blanc in the distance.
Linda, Marty and Haley enjoying
lunch at the top.

Alpe D'Huez village One of the switch backs
A look down the mountain.

A look back up to the top

Three switch backs

A look down to Le Bourg d'Oisans in the valley A look down to Le Bourg d'Oisans
in the valley, the camera is at a steeper angle
than in the previous shot.

Day  9 : Tuesday July 20 ...  Le Bourg d'Oisans to Albiez le Jeune  

We rolled out of Le Bourg d'Oisans and then climed the Col du Glandon (1924 m).  This is quite a beast and it was raining hard at the top. 
We stopped for a couple of hot chocolates at the top, then continued to climb the Col de la Croix de Fer from which there are beautiful
sweeping views.  After a nice decent, during which I flatted, we went over the Col du Mollard where there were beautiful views,
and a short but nice decent into Albiez le Jeune (1350 m).
We rode approx 42 mils with 6800 ft of climbing (not including the rollers).

Joe, Myself and Mike at the top of the Col du Glandon

View from the hotel room in Albiez le Jeune Another  view from the hotel room in Albiez le Jeune

Day  10 : Wednesday July 21 ...  Albiez le Jeune to Albertville  

We decended out of Albiez le Jeune down 41 switch backs intoSt Jean-de Maurienne, a great way to start the day. 
After some valley cruising, negotiating the roads to la Chambre (448 m), we climbed the Col de la Madeleine (1993 m). 
t was a very hot day, 97 degrees on the road, and the Madeleine is brutal.  We had lunch at the top (Olympic pizza and a coke!)
and then went over the Madeleine (great decent) into Albertville.

Richard at the top of the Col de la Madeleine
Having lunch on the top of the Col de la Madeleine
Joe and Tough Dave at the top
of the Madeleine

  Lobby of the Hotel Million  in Albertville
Hotel Million
Just outside the Hotel Million

Day  11 : Thursday July 22 ...  Rest Day in Albertville.

This is the day we saw the Tour de France.  Many of the group went back up the Col de la Madeleine to see them crest,
but the rest of us stayed in Albertville and saw them fly by on one of the main streets.

Wick  enjoying a pre-tour latte
in Albertville on the rest day.
It is 10.02 am, from his watch.
Linda and Marty having
lunch in Albertville 
A main street in Albertville along
which the tour passed.

The pre-tour circus that arrived an
hour or so prior to the riders themselves.
Another float.
Another float.

Another float. Lance cruising up the Col de la Madeleine
Jim watching the tour go by on the
top of the Madeleine

Horns cheering the riders

Day  12 : Friday July 23 ...  Albertville to Talloires.

We started by a climb up the Col de Talmie, went up the hard way as we took a wrong turn out of Albertville.
We then decended into .... .  After eating some chocolate we went to the base of the Col de la Forclaz (1157 m). 
as we (Miranda, Greg, Dick and I) got to the base we took a while to decide to climb is not that long (8 km)
but is steep with a couple of 15% sections.  The views of Lake Annecy and the surrounding countryside from the top
made the climb very worthwhile.

Miranda crests the Col de la Forclaz.
It rained during our ascent, which
kept the temperature just nice.
Looking back down from the top of the Col de la Forclaz. At the top.

Lake Annecy from the top of the
Col de la Forclaz.
An other view (just to the right)
Miranda on the top of the
Col de la Forclaz.
She is teaching me to read a map.

       Greg crests the Col de la Forclaz. Contents of the bike shed! 
Richard was not feeling so good,
and the rooms in the hotel were
not ready yet...
sleeping in the bike shed is the only
other option.
Richard, Dan, Christi and Miranda in
a cafe in Talloires having lunch.
Richard was finally convinced
to leave the bike shed.

Greg Richard recovering View from the room in the
Palace Hotel in Talloires.

Another view from the hotel room
Another view from the hotel room Another view from the hotel room

Another view from the hotel room The Palace Hotel as seen from the boat tour

Day  13 : Saturday July 24 ...  Rest Day in Talloires.

Many of us spent the day in Annecy, walking around the town, visiting patisseries, having cafe au lates, and generally having a rough time of it.

Sight seeing in Annecy

On the second night in Talloires we stayed at ``The Abbey''....

The inside of the hotel room in ``The Abbey''.
This was truly unique and quite amazing.
Inside the room Inside the room

The ceiling of the hotel room.
View from the room.

Day  14 : Sunday July 25 ... Talloires to Ferney-Voltaire.

The last day of our tour.
We rode from Talloires up the  Col de Bluffy, to Parmelan to Thorens-Glieres to Groisy to Cruseilles, up Mont Saleve (1193 m)
to Blaise to Chenex to Ferney-Voltaire.
We started with the Col de Bluffy (a `free'' col), then climbed some steep roads laid by the Romans,
before flying along to our lunch stop/picnic in Cruseilles.
After lunch we climbed Mont Saleve, and descended to a rest stop with great sweeping views.

John, Kent and Richard (and I) having a latte break in
Cruseilles before joining the rest of the
group for the picnic.
It is 11.40 am, by Richards watch.
Coca Cola !!! Cruseilles

Climbing the hill just outside of Groisy Climbing the hill just outside of Groisy Riding to the base of Mont Saleve
after lunch in Cruseilles

View from a rest stop a short distance
down from the top of Mont Saleve.
Miranda, Kent and Richard Richard and Wick

Tough Dave  Tough Dave  Glen Erickson watching the tour on
TV back in Ferney-Voltaire,
after leading Miranda, Richard,
Kathy and I back through Geneva.

Wick and Richard having a quiet beer and
watching the tour on TV back in
The last supper : clockwise...Miranda, Dick, Me,
Tough Dave, Richard, Glen, Kathy, Greg


PostTour  ...  Geneva

Views from the Geneva Yacht Club.

Fountain in Lake Geneva

Modern Art Museum in Geneva
Old town Geneva

The contents of my bike case upon returning
from the trip.

Thursday July 29 ...  Flew home to Seattle.