Theoretical Nuclear Physics Jobs : 2007 - 2008

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Tuesday August 12 (2008) 

-Gettysburg College Hire
-Baruch College Hire
-William and Mary Hire

 Faculty Positions

[ Note: Ordering of names on these shortlists does not reflect ranking.  ]
[ AJFM  ==  A Junior Faculty Member : Assist. Prof. , untenured Assoc. Prof. or  Lab. position ]
[ ASFM  ==  A Senior Faculty Member : Tenured Assoc. Prof. , Prof. or  permanent Lab. position ]


Short List Offered to
Baruch College
  • A. Dumitru
  • H. Meyer
  • A. Stasto
  • M.Strickland
  • H. Weigert
  • J. Vazquez-Poritz
A. Dumitru (Accepted)


Short List Offered to

University of Connecticut (Storrs)

  • W. Detmold
  • V. Guzey
  • R. Young


Short List Offered to
Gettysburg College
  • M.Strickland

M. Strickland  (Accepted)


Short List Offered to
Indiana University
  • W. Detmold
  • A. Steiner
  • R. van de Water


Short List Offered to
  •  R.Harnik
  • R. Hill
  • H. Meyer
  • M. Schwartz


Short List Offered to
Michigan State University



Short List Offered to
Mississippi State University
  • G. Rupak

G. Rupak (Accepted)


Short List Offered to
College of William and Mary
C. Aubin
W. Detmold
H. Meyer
B. Tiburzi
R. Young

W. Detmold (Accepted)

Joint position with Jefferson Lab
 Joint position with the RIKEN-BNL Research  Center
Unaffiliated position 
Positions  in China supported by the USA


Faculty Shuffle


5-Year Positions



Short List Offered to
J. Albacete
H.-W. Lin
I. Stetcu


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