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Friday, August 23 (2002)  TRIUMF seeks Senior Theorist 

 Faculty Positions

[ Note: Ordering of names on these shortlists does not reflect ranking.  ]
[ AJFM  ==  A Junior Faculty Member : Assist. Prof. , untenured Assoc. Prof. or  Lab. position ]
[ ASFM  ==  A Senior Faculty Member : Tenured Assoc. Prof. , Prof. or  permanent Lab. position ]
Short List Offered to
  Duke University
  •  J.-W. Chen
  • H.-W. Hammer
  • T. Mehen
  • AJFM
  •  AJFM (declined)
  • T. Mehen (Accepted)

    Short List Offered to
     Institute for Nuclear Theory
  • Y. Kovchegov
  • D. Son
  • AJFM
  • AJFM
  • AJFM (declined)
  • D. Son (Accepted)

    Short List Offered to
  • S. Beane
  • K. Melnikov
  • G. Moore
  • I. Stewart
  •  I. Stewart (Accepted)

    Short List Offered to
     TRIUMF    Search Cancelled

    Short List Offered to
     U. of Regina
    Nuclear or Particle Theory
  • G. Bali
  • A. Belistky
  • J. W. Chen
  • B. Dutta
  •  B. Dutta 

  • (particle theorist)

    lattice only Short List Offered to
     U. of Maryland
  •  G. Bali
  • T. Blum
  • K. Orginos
  •  Search Cancelled

    Short List Offered to
    Notre Dame    Search Cancelled

    Short List Offered to
    UW Madison
  • T. Baltz
  • J. Beacom
  • D. Chung (astro)
  • C. Fryer (astro)

     D. Chung (astro) (Accepted)
    Short List Offered to
  •  K. Nollett
  •  K. Nollett (Accepted)

    or  Short List Offered to
    BNL    Search Cancelled

    Short List Offered to
    Texas A&M    

    --Lattice Only, (unfilled in 2001) Short List Offered to
      Florida International Univ.
  •  R. Narayanan
  • R. Narayanan

    Short List Offered to
    Michigan State U.
  •  Carlos Bertulani
  • AJFM
  • AJFM

    Scientific Director Short List Offered to
  • ASFM
  • ASFM
  • ASFM

    Short List Offered to
      William and Mary    
    Theory Group Leader Short List Offered to

    Joint position with Jefferson Lab
     Joint position with the RIKEN-BNL Research  Center
    Unaffiliated position 


    Faculty Shuffle

    U. -J. Wiese   ::::::: MIT  -->  Bern
    D. Son   ::::::: Columbia  -->  Seattle
    C. Johnson   ::::::: Louisiana SU-->  San Diego SU
    M. Alford   ::::::: Glasgow University-->  Washington University (St Louis)

    5-Year Positions


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