Members of the Board

Tom Ackerman

Atmospheric Sciences

Darwin Alonso

Biochemistry and Institute for Protein Design

Pedro Arduino

Civil and Environment Engineering

Dave Beck

Chemical Engineering and eScience

Frank DiMaio

Biochemistry and Institute for Protein Design

Ivan Eastin

Associate Dean for Research in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Brad Greer

Associate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in UW-IT

Suzanne Hawley

Astronomy and Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences

Victoria Meadows

Astrobiology and Astronomy

Greg Miller

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Patrick Lestrange

Vice President of the HPC Club

James Pfaendtner

Chemical Engineering

Aaron Powell

Vice President for UW-IT and Chief Information Officer

Chance Reschke

Director of Research Computing in UW-IT

Martin Savage

Physics and Institute for Nuclear Theory

Michael Stiber

Associate Dean, School of STEM, UWB

Dave Veesler