Physics 561
(T. Th. 2.30 - 3.50 pm,  PAB B109)

This course is the second in the nuclear theory sequence.
We will be focusing on hadronic physics.   Topics that may be covered are

  • Structure of the Nucleon/Deep Inelastic Scattering
  • Chiral Symmetry/Chiral Perturbation Theory
  • Weak Interactions
  • Large- Nc QCD
  • Finite density QCD
  • pion condensation
  • Lattice Gauge Theory



    The minimum prerequisite is  PHY560.

    There is NO  text for this course

    Theoretical Resources

    Experimental Facilities and Resources

  • Bates (MIT) [ blast(bates large angle spectrometer toroid)  | oops(out of plane spectrometer) | sample ]
  • Jefferson Lab [ Hall A | Hall B | Hall C ]
  • RHIC(Relativistic Heavy IOn Collider)
  • Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
  • Nuclear Physics Laboratory at UW
  • Electroweak Interactions Group at UW
  • Electron Scattering Results from Past Experiments at SLAC