Physics 560
(MWF 11.30 am, PAB A110)

The course provides an introduction to modern Nuclear Physics.  We will begin by understanding the one
and two nucleon systems, and then embark upon larger nuclei.
Homework will be assigned every week that is designed to reinforce the ideas we cover.

The minimum prerequisite is  one year of graduate level quantum mechanics.

The text for the course is Introductory Nuclear Physics by Samuel S. M. Wong, (ISBN-0-471-23973-9)
which is available in the UW book store.

Other texts that may be  useful are

  • Structure of the Nucleus   by   M. A. Preston and R. K. Bhaduri      (ISBN-0-201-05976-2)
  • Pions and Nuclei  by     T. Ericson and W. Weise     (ISBN-0-19-852008-5)
  • Elements of Nuclear Physics  by     W.E. Burcham     (ISBN-0-582-46027-1)



      ||   Lecture and Assignments   ||

    Theoretical Resources

  • Lectures in Neutrino Nuclear Physics  by Hiro Ejiri,  PHY576B Room PAB B109.  Wednesday 2:30 - 3:20



    Experimental Facilities and Resources

  • Bates (MIT) [ blast(bates large angle spectrometer toroid)  | oops(out of plane spectrometer) | sample ]
  • Jefferson Lab [ Hall A | Hall B | Hall C ]
  • RHIC(Relativistic Heavy IOn Collider)
  • Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
  • Nuclear Physics Laboratory at UW
  • Electroweak Interactions Group at UW
  • Electron Scattering Results from Past Experiments at SLAC