Instructor : Martin J. Savage   (PAB B457)
When : MWF 10.30 am (lectures) ,    T 9.30 am (problem solving)
Where : PAB B109 (MWF),  PAB A114 (T)
TA :  Michael Endres (PAB  B157)
Text : Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai (ISBN 0-201-53929-2)

This course is the Graduate level course on Quantum Mechanics.

Endres's Office Hour is Wednesday at 2.30 pm
Savage's  Office hour is Friday at 1.30 pm

The course grade will be computed as follows.
Midterm = 0.35   ,   Homework = 0.25   ,   Final Exam = 0.4 .
The final grade will result from the sum of these three contributions.

  ||Outline and Assignments   ||   Savage||