Instructor : Martin J. Savage   (PAB B457)
When : MWF 10.30 am (lectures) ,    T 9.30 am (problem solving)
Where : PAB A114
TA :  Andre Walker-Loud (PAB B149)
Text : Quantum Mechanics Vols I and II, by C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu and F. Laloe, (ISBN 0-471-16433 vI)

This course is the Graduate level course on Quantum Mechanics.

Savage's Office Hours are 2.30pm Fridays.
Walker-Loud's  Office hours are TBA

The course grade will be computed as follows.
Midterm = 0.35   ,   Homework = 0.25   ,   Final Exam = 0.4 .
The final grade will result from the sum of these three contributions.

  || Outline and Assignments   ||   Savage||