PHYS 514 : Electrodynamics
Martin Savage : B457

Reading (Jackson) and Assignments
Jan 2 - 6
Colombs law, 
Cavendish Experiment with photon mass,
Greens theorem, 
Energy in electric field
Read : Chapter I, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
Assignment 1 due Thursday Jan 5
Assignment 2 due Thursday Jan 12
Jan 9-13
Force between Conductors
Method of Images : plate, sphere, hemispherical Boss
Sphere in a uniform electric field
Assignment 3 due Thursday Jan 19
Jan 16-20
Separation of Variables
Systems with spherical boundary conditions
Read : Chapter 3
Assignment 4 due Thursday Jan 26
Jan 23-27
Cylindrical coordinate systems
Green functions inside conducting cylinder :
1/ J,N expansion
2/ K,I expansion

Multipole Expansions
Read : Chapter 4
Assignment 5 due Thursday Feb 2
Jan 30-Feb 3
Multipole Expansions
Electric Displacement
Read : Chapter 4
No Assignment
Feb 6-10 
MIDTERM EXAM Thursday feb 9.
Spherical Capacitors with Dielectrics
Energy in electric field with dielectrics
Read : Chapter 5
Assignment 6 due Thursday Feb 16
Feb 13-17
Biot-Savart Law
Force between currents
Current Density
Amperes Law
Vector potential, Coulomb gauge
Vector Potential due to a Current Loop
Read : Chapter 5
Assignment 7 due Thursday Feb 23
Feb 20-24
Surface Currents
Boundary Conditions on B, A in vacuum
Multipole Expansion of A and B
Magnetic Dipole Moment
Force and Torque on Current Distributions
Magnetic Scalar potential
Magnetized sphere
Read : Chapter 5
Assignment 8 due Thursday March 2
Feb 27-March 3
Magnetic shielding
Hole in superconducting plane
faraday's Law
Energy in Magnetic field
Read : Chapter 5
Assignment 9 due Thursday March 2
March 6-10
Self and Mututal Inductance
Maxwells Equations---the full story
Gaug Invariance
Lorenz gauge, Columb gauge
Greens function, retarded and advanced
Time dependent current in a straight wire.
Read : Chapter 6
 No Assignment
March 13-17  EXAM WEEK
Wednesday March 15,
4.30 pm - 6.20pm

Final Exam