Physics 323
(MWF 8.30 am, PAB A110)

This course is the third in a junior level sequence focusing on Electrodynamics.
Homework will be assigned every week and is an essential part of the course.

The prerequisites are the earlier two parts of this sequence.

Savage's Office Hours are Mon : 3-4 pm and Fri : 9.30-10.30 am

The text for the course is Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3rd edition by David J. Griffiths, (ISBN 0-13-805326-X)
which is available in the UW book store.

Other texts that may be  useful are

  • Classical Electrodynamics   by   J. D. Jackson      (ISBN 0-471-43132-X)



    The course grade will be computed as follows.
    Midterm = 1   ,   Homework = 1   ,   Final Exam = 2 .
    The lowest ``1'' will be dropped, e.g.  the midterm, the homework, or half the final.
    The remaining will be summed to give the grade.

      ||Outline and Assignments   ||