Introduction to QUANTUM MECHANICS  



Physics 225                                                                             Spring 2009
( MWF 10.30 am, PAB 110

The course provides an introduction to Quantum Mechanics.  We will begin by discussing some of the basic aspects of Quantum Mechanics, and then their implications.
Homework will be assigned that is designed to reinforce the ideas we cover.

Lecture Instructor: Prof. Martin Savage
    Email:    savage AT
    Office:   B457 Physics and Astronomy Building
    Phone:   (206) 543-7481
Teaching Assistant:   Jijiang (Johnny) Yan
    Email:    jjyan AT
    Office:    Physics Astronomy Building;
    Phone:   (206) 685-2465

Due to budget cuts, the number and length of assignments will be reduced.


The text for the course is Quantum Mechanics: An Accessible Introduction by Robert Scherrer, (ISBN-0-8053-8716-1)
which is available in the UW book store.

Other texts that may be  useful are

  • Essenital Quantum Mechanics   by   Gary-Bowman
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics   by   Gasiorowicz

  • Grades :   There will be regular homework, which will constitute 25% of the grade. 
                       There will be one midterm exam on May 13 at 10.30 - 11.20 am which will constitute 25% of the grade. 
                       There will be a final exam  on June 8 at 8.30 - 10.20 am, which will constitute 50% of the grade.

        Lecture and Assignments   ||   Savage