Instructor  Martin J. Savage 
Lectures MWF 11:30 - 12:20 PM  A118 Physics-Astronomy Building
  • Attendance at tutorials is mandatory; locations and times of individual sections are listed in the UW Time Schedule. 

  • You MUST be present at the first tutorial meeting or you may be DROPPED from the course. 

  • If you are not yet enrolled, go to any tutorial section. If there is space, you can do the first tutorial and register for that tutorial section; if not, try another tutorial section. 
  • Laboratory 
  • You  MUST take the lab course Physics 133 simultaneously with this course. 

  • You MUST be present at the first laboratory meeting or you will be DROPPED from this course. If you are not yet enrolled, go to any one of the lab sections. If there is space, you can do the first experiment and get into the lab; if not, try another section.
  • Office  Hours 

    Professor  Martin Savage   (123B)

  • Mail:

  • Mon  & Fri, 12:30-1:20 in Study Center  (AM018) 

  • 543-7481 by appointment, B460 Physics Astronomy Building.
  • Professor  Mark McDermott   (123A)

    Professor  Lillian McDermott and  Professor Peter Shaffer   (Tutorials)

  • 685-2046 by appointment,   C208 Physics Astronomy Building 
  • Professor  Henry Lubatti    (Laboratory)

  • E-mail:  

  • 543-8964 by appointment,  B301 Physics Astronomy Building 
  • Textbooks

  • Resnick, Halliday and Krane, Physics, Vols. 1 and 2, 4th ed. 

  • McDermott, Schaffer, et al., Tutorial in Introductory Physics, Preliminary Edition 

    The laboratory manual is printed by ASUW Publishing in the Student Activities Building (the HUB). You should purchase the laboratory manual during the first week of classes.

    Study  Center 

  • Teaching assistants will be available for consultation in the Physics Study Center located in Room AM018. 

  • Prof. Savage also holds his office hours in the Study Center on Mondays and Fridays at 12:30 - 1:20 PM. 
  • (To reach the Physics Study Center, go down the stairs that circle around the Foucault pendulum and proceed toward the end of the hall.) 


    There will be weekly short pretests, usually at the beginning of lecture on Monday each week. These are intended to start you thinking about key concepts that will be addressed in the tutorial sessions later in the week. Pretests will NOT BE GRADED or handed back.  Completion of these tests, however, will be a factor in determining your final grade.


  • A set of homework problems from the textbook will be assigned on Monday of each week. The homework assignments and solutions are available on the Physics 123B Homework Web Page. Homework will be collected at the end of the Wednesday lecture in the week following its assignment. Solutions will be made available on the Homework Web Page after homework has been collected from all students. 


  • Tutorial homework will be assigned in the tutorial sessions and will be collected at the beginning of the following tutorial. 


  • There may be computer projects, assigned either in lecture or tutorial. Computers are available in the Physics Study Center from 8:30 AM to 5:20 PM each day and at various other locations around campus (sites and hours to be announced).
  • Exams

  • There will be three one-hour midterms and a two-hour final. Approximately half of each exam will be based on material from the lectures and homework, and half from material emphasized in the tutorials and in the laboratory. The midterm exams will cover the material from the two or three weeks prior to the week of the exam but may include earlier material as well. The final examination will be comprehensive. All exams will be closed book. 


  • You will NOT be allowed to bring any notes into any examination.

  • The lowest midterm score for each student will be dropped.

  • A grade of 0.0 will be assigned to students who do not take the final examination or miss two midterms. 

  • There will be NO make-up exams. 

  •  Exam solutions will be made available on the Homework Web Page soon after each exam. 
  • Regrades

    If you believe that the points on the examination were incorrectly totaled or if there is a gross error in the grading, you may return an exam for regrading. To do so, you must resubmit the examination no later than at the beginning of the lecture following the one in which the exams are returned. You must write a brief note on a separate sheet of paper explaining the possible error in the grading, and attach this paper to the exam. Do not make any changes or marks on the original pages of the examination.  

    NOTE: Portions of each examination are photocopied and will be checked. You should be aware that any request for a regrade may result in a regrading of the entire exam. Therefore your total score may decrease.

    Course    Grade

  •  You will receive the same grade for Physics 123 and Physics 133. The two courses are components of a single integrated course that consists of lecture, tutorial, and laboratory. 

  • The relative weight between the examinations, the laboratory, the tutorial, and the lecture homework will be  70 %,  10 %,  10 %,  10 %  respectively.   The four best test scores from the three midterms and the final examination (which has the same weight as two midterms) form the contribution from examinations.


  • Each student is expected to attend and receive passing scores for nine labs during the quarter. The best eight scores will contribute to the final grade as follows. A student's final grade will be based on his or her performance in 133 as follows:  Each satisfactory lab receives a score:  0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The scores for the best eight labs are averaged to form the lab contribution to the final grade.   Completion of only seven labs. corresponds to receiving a ``0'' for one of the eight labs.


  • A student completing fewer than seven labs will receive a final grade of 0.0 for both 123 and 133. 
  • If you find it necessary to withdraw from the course, you must drop both Physics 123 and Physics 133 or you will receive a 0.0 for the course in which you are still enrolled.


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