Extra Material 123A

Here are some selected topics that you might find useful in understanding waves and Optics.

Java Physics Demonstrations on the Web
Number Name Description
1 Simple Harmonic Motion 
(mass and spring)
Trace the position and velocity 
of an oscillating mass
2 Superposition of Waves  Add two waves to produce a standing 
wave (-) or a moving wave packet (+).
3 Fourier Synthesis  Make and listen to wave forms using 
superimposed sine and cosine waves.
4 Waves from Moving Point Source Shows the waves from a moving source. 
Illustrateds Doppler effect and shock 
5 Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves (light) Shows electric and magnetic fields of
waves radiated from an oscillating
electric dipole.
6 Transmission of Waves: Reflection and Refraction Shows waves reflected and refracted at
a boundary between transparent media
with differing indices of refraction.
7 Find the Fastest Path (Fermat's Principle) Illustrates the principle of least time by
comparing particles traveling on two
different trajectories.
8 Thin Lens and Mirrors Traces rays and constructs images of
objects viewed with thin lenses and with
mirrors (both concave and convex).
9 Physics of the Rainbow (total internal reflection) Traces rays on various trajectories
through water drops, showing the limiting
"caustics" that produce the rainbow.
10 Two Slit Interference Compare relative path lengths for
producing interference maxima and
minima for waves passing through two slits.
11 Blackbody Radiation  Compare the Planck radiation spectra for
black-body sources at two temperatures.

Practice questions for Midterm 1

Practice questions for Midterm 2

Some pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope

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