12X  Grading Allocation     SPRING 2007
          Grading allocation in the Physics 121-2-3 sequence is based on the
          number of Student Credit Hours associated with each course component.

     Grade weighting:

             Midterms (best 2 of 3)    40%
             Final Exam                       25%
             Lab Section                      15%
             Tutorial Section               10%
             Lecture HW                     10%

            Instructors may choose to include some credit for use of the lecture response
            systems and/or supplemental homework. This should influence the final course
            grade by only a few percent. The selection of the best two Midterm Exams is
            based on the class average and standard deviation for each exam.

       Exam Composition:

            Midterms (100 points):   ~72% lecture, ~8% lab, ~20% tutorial
            Final exam (150 points): ~57% lecture, ~17% lab, ~27% tutorial 

            There will be a page of Lab-related questions on one Midterm Exam
            and on the Final Exam. There will be one page of tutorial questions 
            on each midterm, and two on the Final Exam. Tutorial pages 
            and lab pages will usually be worth 20-25 points. Lab and tutorial    
            questions may be either multiple choice or hand-graded.
            Normally 55% of each Midterm and about 70% of the Final Exam  
            will be in the form of multiple-choice questions.
            There will be no makeup exams.


            The lab section grade will be based on scores for all 8 lab reports.
            Three of these will be graded on a simple 0 or 3 point scale,
            passing grade = 3. The other 5 labs will be graded on a 0 to 5 point
            scale as described in the lab manual. Students who complete fewer than
            6 of the 8 labs will receive a grade of 0.0 for the entire 5-credit course.