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Lecture Instructor: Prof. Martin Savage
    Email:    savage AT
    Office:   B457 Physics and Astronomy Building
    Phone:   (206) 543-7481
Tutorial Instructor:   Prof. P. S. Shaffer
    Email:    shaffer AT
    Office:   C208 Physics Astronomy Building;
    Phone:   (206) 685-2046
Lab Instructor:   Prof. R.G. Hamish Robertson
    Email:    rghr AT
    Office:   B476 Physics Astronomy Building
    Phone:   206-616-2745 or 206-685-9060

Lecture Instructor's Comments

General Comments

Grading Policy

Concurrent enrollment in PHYS122B and PHYS122Z is mandatory; students will receive a combined grade for lecture, tutorial and lab. The final course grade is based on the best two of three midterms, the final exam, the Tycho lecture HW, tutorial participation and HW, supplemental HW and lecture exercises (using the new infrared response system), and PHYS122_Z Lab participation and reports. A summary of the grading policy for this course may be found in GRADING. However, the lecture instructor may adjust individual final grades by no more than 0.1 grade points (about 2.5 % out of 4.0 possible) based on records from the lecture infrared response system (clicker) and/or the supplemental homework related to the lecture. All percentages discussed in the policy statement and in the summary below are used to determine your raw grade, before this adjustment is applied.

The Physics Study Center

Students are encouraged to gather and work cooperatively in small groups in the Physics Study Center located in room AM018 of the PAB. (to reach the Physics Study Center, go down the stairs that circle behind the Foucault pendulum and proceed toward the end of the hall). Teaching assistants will be available for consultation during many portions of the day if your study group needs assistance, but staffing levels will not support much individual attention. The Study Center is staffed from approximately 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays.