Physics 325 - Quantum Mechanics - Winter 2002

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Instructor:    David Kaplan

Office:         Physics C433 (Note: C wing is in the tower beneath the Physics library)

Office Hours:    Monday, 2:30-4PM, and by arrangement at other times.


Telephone:         685-3546

TA:             Chin-Yet Lin,  Physics B157,

TA Office Hours:    Thursday, 4-6PM,  Room C441, Physics and Astronomy Building.
                                Starting Thursday 1/17

Lectures:          MWF 10:30-11:20,  Physics A110

Text:                Quantum Physics, Stephen Gasiorowicz, second edition,
                        Wiley 1996,
                  Lectures will include material not in the text.

Homework:      Assigned most Fridays and due the following Friday  Discussing the
                        problems in groups is encouraged, but you must write up your own solutions.
                        Assignments and solutions will be posted on the web.

                     Homework will be graded and will constitute 25% of the course grade.
                     Homework must be turned in in class, or in my mailbox by 12:20 the day
                        it's due, or it will not be accepted.  Better to turn in incomplete than late.

Midterm exams:  There will be two in-class, one-hour, open-book midterms.

                      Dates to be announced next week

                     There will be no make-up midterm exams.

Grades:      One midterm score or half of the final exam score (whichever is worst) will be dropped.
                     The course grade will be computed as follows:

    Grading examples:
            HW=80/100, Midterm #1=17/25, Midterm  #2=7/25, Final=33/50
            Midterm #2 score is dropped, course score = (80/4) + 17 + 33  = 70/100

            HW=68/100, Midterm #1=23/25, Midterm #2=19/25, Final=28/50
            50% of final exam score is dropped, course score = (68/4) + 23 + 19 + (28/2)= 73/100

Computer:      Basic use of a computer mathematics program such as Mathematica will be helpful
                        for some of the assigned problems. For information on how to access and use
                        Mathematica,  click here .

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for Physics 325 include Physics 227/228/324.  To see problem
                            sets and solutions from those courses, check out the course home pages:

 Assignments and Solutions