Physics 228 - Elementary Mathematical Physics - Spring 2001


Tentative Syllabus:

Text:  Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, Mary L. Boas, second edition, Wiley 1983.

Mar 26 - Apr 11    Ch.8, Ordinary Differential Equations.
                                Linear and nonlinear, separable, constant coefficients.  Examples: damped and driven circuits
                                and oscillators; one dimensional motion and the Kepler problem, Green's functions.

Fri Apr 20             First midterm exam (open book, calculators not allowed).   

Apr 13 - 25          Ch. 9,  Calculus of Variations.
                                Functional variations, Euler equation.  Examples: Lagrangian mechanics.

Apr 27 - May 4    Ch. 6,  sections 5-7, 10, Vector Analysis.
                                Fields, div, grad and curl. The continuity equation and the divergence theorem.  The Laplacian
                                in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates.

Fri May 11           Second midterm exam (open book, calculators not allowed).   

May 7- May 21       Ch 13, Partial Differential Equations.
                                Separation of variables, boundary value problems.  Examples:  Laplace and
                                Poisson equations; diffusion, wave and Schroedinger equations.

Mon May 28        Memorial Day holiday.

May 23- Jun 1       Ch 12, Series Solutions of Differential Equations.
                                Series solutions.  Bessel functions, Legendre polynomials, spherical harmonics
                                (as time allows).

Wed Jun 6          Final exam  2:30-4:20 PM, Location to be announced.
                         Open book. No calculators allowed on this exam.

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