Accessing Mathematica

Mathematica is available to all UW students on (one of the uniform access computers). It is also on all the physics PC's in B101, and on all the machines in the AM018 study center (under the physics lecture halls).

To use Mathematica from (most) any X-terminal on campus, you may login to goodall.u and type math for the text-based front-end to Mathematica. Or, if you want to use the X front-end, first type xlab, click on ``yes'' when a box pops up asking permission to access your terminal, and then at the goodall prompt type mathematica.

If you have a home computer on which you'd like to run Mathematica, the student version of Mathematica is available at the UW bookstore at a discounted price.

Using Mathematica

If you want to learn Mathematica in depth, get the Mathematica book, or other books available on the program.  For quick instructions on how to get started, click here:

 Mathematica Primer  (pdf file)

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