INT Program INT-13-3
Quantitative Large Amplitude Shape Dynamics: fission and heavy ion fusion
September 23 - November 15, 2013


Week 1
Monday, September 23

    2:00 pm, G.F. Bertsch, "Goals of the Program"
Tuesday, September 24
    10:00 am: N. Dubray, "Continuous self-consistent PES's"
    11:00 am: M. Kowal, "Superheavy nuclei - predictions of structure and stability"
Wednesday, September 25
    10:00 am: N. Schunck, "Induced fission in static DFT"
    11:00 am: A. Sierk, "A Predictive Theory for Fission"
Thursday, September 26
    10:00 am: M. Bender, "Symmetry-restored GCM with EDF's: new developments, problems, perspectives"
    11:00 am: P.-H. Heenen, "Symmetry-restored GCM with EDF: applications and developments for heavy nuclei"
Friday, September 27
    No scheduled talks

Week 2
Monday, September 30
    10:00 am: L.M. Robledo, "Theoretical uncertainties in calculated fission observables"
    11:00 am: D. Vretenar, "EDF calculation of shapes and barriers: mean field and beyond"
Tuesday, October 1
    10:00 am: P. Talou, "Fundamental and Applied Nuclear Fission Research at LANL"
    11:00 am: A. Afanasjev, "Fission in Covarient DFT: Status and Open Questions"
Wednesday, October 2
    10:00 am: K. Yoshida, "Collective mass parameters in Skyrme EDF"
    11:00 am: J. Sadhukhan, "Density functional theory of spontaneous fission life-times"
Thursday, October 3
    10:00 am: Martinez-Pinedo, "Role of fission in r-process nucleosynthesis" + discussion
Friday, October 4
    No scheduled talks

Week 3
Monday, October 7
    10:00 am: A. Bulgac, "Superfluid TDDFT for fermi systems: algorithms and their implementation"
    11:00 am: S. Umar, "Density-constrained TDDFT with application to fission"
Tuesday, October 8
    10:00 am: J. Dobaczewski, "Adiabatic TDDFT" + discussion
Wednesday, October 9
    10:00 am: V. Oberacker, "Fusion and other applications of density-constrained TDDFT"
    11:00 am: J. McDonnell, "Excitation energy dependence of fission in the mercury region"
Thursday, October 10
    10:00 am: M. Warda, "Microscopic description of fission in the neutron-deficient Pb region"
    11:00 am: J. Meng, TBA
Friday, October 11
    No scheduled talks

Week 5
Monday, Oct. 21
    No scheduled talks
Tuesday, October 22
    No scheduled talks
Wednesday, October 23
    10:00 am: K. Washiyama, "Macroscopic properties in low-energy nuclear reactions by microscopic TDDFT"
Thursday, October 24
    10:00 am: H. Esbensen, "Challenges in Coupled-channels Calculations"
    11:00 am: K. Hagino, "Towards a microscopic theory for low-energy heavy-ion reactions"
Friday, October 25
    10:00 am: P. Magierski, "Nuclear dynamics within time dependent superfluid local density approximation"
    11:00 am: T. Ichikawa, "Damping of quantum vibrations revealed in deep sub-barrier fusion"
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