Rostock and Trieste.
Santa Fe 2004
Riken 2005
Les Houches Course XXX 1977
Les Houches Session LXVI 1998


Compton Scattering (Am. J. Phys.)
Nuclear Scattering (Am. J. Phys.)
Nuclear Rotations (Am. J. Phys.)


Comparison of numerical methods for TDDFT time integration (Giansiracusa)
Quantum Computing: a simulation (Uusnakki)
Notes on the relationship between GCM/GOA and RPA (I)
Notes on scattering theory
Nishida-Son from a BCS perspective
The Duflo-Zuker mass formula--what is it?
Dipolar ion in a Penning trap
Note on HFB for systems with odd particle number
Comparison of calculated average gaps to BCS
Notes on the relationship between GCM/GOA and RPA (II)
Bulk limit of pairing energy for SU(4) symmetry
Gradient method for HFB
Theoretical Challenges in Low-Energy Nuclear Physics
Derivation of Marcus's Formula
Time-dependent HFB in the quasiparticle representation