Computer programs distributed by George Bertsch

Yabana-Bertsch TDDFT codes

jellium spheres

nuclear RPA by coordinate space response

nuclear RPA by A-B matrix method

Minimax refitting of nuclear binding energies

Adiabatic rotor

HFB equation for 4-component fermions with SU(4) symmetry

collective diabatic frequencies for trapped fermions in the unitary limit

collective adiabatic frequencies for trapped fermions in the unitary limit

Duflo-Zuker mass formula

Hartree-Fock in spherical shell basis

Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov in spherical shell basis

NJ projection of HFB configurations

Skyrme translations

HFB by the gradient method

Exact pairing

Wick contractions for QRPA

Time-dependent HFB with quasiparticles

Nilsson model of nuclear structure

Franck-Condon factors

HFB with NP pairing

real-time method for X-ray absorption

Real-time method for level densities

Codes for "Nuclear fission as resonance-mediated conductance"

Keldysh formula for strong field ionization in insulators

Finite-temperature HF in a shell basis, the code accompanying Comp. Phys. Comm. 207 528 (2016).

Code accompanying "Exit-channel Suppression in Statistical Reaction Theory"

Mazama Code for low-energy neutron-induced reactions