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Professor of Physics
Senior Fellow, Institute for Nuclear Theory
Editor, Reviews of Modern Physics, 1996-2005


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Tel. 206-543-2895
Fax. 206-685-9829
Postal: Dept. of Physics
Box 351560
Univ. of Washington
Seattle WA 98195
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My main research interest is the application of quantum many-particle theory to physical systems.
The particular areas of current research are nuclear structure and reactions
and electronic excitations of molecules and condensed matter . Together with Kazuhiro Yabana,
I introduced the real-time method to calculate the dynamic response in those systems.

My work has been recognized by the American Physical Society, which awarded me the Bonner Prize in 2004
for my "many varied contributions to nuclear structure and reaction theory, which have guided and illuminated
experiments for four decades." I have more than 350 scientific publications with a citation rank of over 75
on the Hirsch index.

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