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Shuttle Express - 425-981-7000 or (within Washington) 1-800-487-7433; Door-to-door 24-hour service.

Follow signs to ground transportation; the Shuttle Express booth is located on the third floor of the parking garage. The cost is $24.00 per person or less depending on the number of passengers. Some motels in the area have lower contracted fares so please check with the driver. Cash, traveler's checks, and major credit cards are accepted. Advance reservations are required on trips returning to Sea-Tac Airport.

Luxury Express (Seattle Towncar Service) - (206) 941-5400 or (206)444-4500. Fax: (425) 889-8521. This door-to-door service, to and from the airport, costs $45 one-way and takes about 20 - 25 minutes depending upon traffic conditions. You can ask us to book a ride for you in advance. When you want to go to the airport, you will need to call them at least one-half hour in advance.

Taxi - The cost will be approximately $40 - $50. Ring bell outside passenger loading zone for taxi dispatch. (Approximately 15 miles to the University of Washington.)

Grayline Airport Express bus - Catch the Grayline outside of the airport baggage claim area, where buses leave every 10 to 20 minutes from 5:15 am to 12:05 am. The bus will drop you off at the Westin Hotel (5th & Stewart), where you would transfer to Metro (city) buses #74, 302, 305 on the southeast corner of 5th & Stewart. The cost is $12 roundtrip to $7 one way for Grayline (Metro local fares are $.85 or $1.10, depending upon the time of day); tickets for Grayline can be purchased at the ticket booth next to the coach boarding area. Travel time to the city center is about 45 minutes.

METRO Bus - The cost will be $1.25 - $2.00 depending on the time of day. Exact change required. For schedule and route information you can call 206-553-3000, or see METRO's Riderlink online at METRO bus stop is located outside the baggage claim area. For travel directly to the INT:

  • Board the #194 northbound to downtown Seattle. Pay fare and request a transfer pass. The trip downtown will be approximately 30 minutes.
  • Exit the bus downtown Seattle: in the tunnel, your stop will be University Street Station; on the surface, your stop will be Third Avenue and Union Street. (If you're not sure, ask -- Seattle bus drivers are very helpful).
  • Board the #71, 72 or 73 northbound to the University District. (The trip will be approximately 30 minutes).
  • Exit the bus at NE Campus Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue NE. Walk along Campus Parkway; turn right onto 15th NE. At 40th NE cross 15th NE and follow Stevens Way around to the Physics and Astronomy Building. The INT is located on the fourth floor of the tower; check-in is in room C411.


    Via Interstate 5 - Take the NE 45th Street exit, and drive eastbound on to NE 45th Street. Turn right on to 15th NE, and after five blocks turn left into the entrance to the University of Washington campus. The Gatekeeper can give you directions to the Physics and Astronomy Building. The INT offices are on the fourth floor of the building, room C411. The INT cannot assign or pay for parking permits. After you have received your Visiting Scholar Identification card, you may purchase parking permits at the Parking Division office (see below for more information).

    Parking on campus - Parking Division Office, 3901 University Way NE (685-1543); Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Daily permits cost $9:00 (as of 7/1/04); Commuter tickets cost $4.34 each and are sold in booklets of 10 or 25 tickets. If you have a U-PASS, the tickets are sold at the discounted rate of $2.56 each. A U-PASS (which gives unlimited use on METRO buses) costs $17.54 per month. You will need to obtain a University ID card from the INT in order to purchase a parking permit or U-PASS. Cash and traveler's checks accepted.


    Please consider obtaining traveler's checks for your visit to Seattle, especially if you are traveling from outside the United States. Visitors may want to consider bringing a credit card for their convenience.