INT Program 14-2a

Binary Neutron Star Coalescence as a Fundamental Physics Laboratory

June 30 - August 1, 2014


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Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
June 30, 2014 B.S. Sathyaprakash "Understanding Neutron Stars from Gravitational Wave Observations" Video not available
June 30, 2014 M. Landry "Advanced LIGO Status" Video
July 1, 2014 N. Stergioulas "Post-merger oscillations and the NewCompStar Action" Video
July 1, 2014 B. Lackey "What can we learn about the neutron-star equation of state from inspiralling binary neutron stars?" Video
July 2, 2014 J. Clark "Observing the Gravitational-Wave Afterglow from Binary Neutron Star Coalescence" Video
July 3, 2014 K. Yagi "Applications of Neutron-Star Universal Relations to Gravitational Wave Observations" Video
July 3, 2014 G. Mendell "Continuous Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars" Video
July 3, 2014 J. Read "Matter Effects on Binary Neutron Star Waveforms: Modeling and Measuring EOS Effects up to Merger" Video
July 7, 2014 S. Liebling "Extracting Science from Evolutions of Binary Neutron Star Mergers" Video
July 7, 2014 K. Kiuchi "Magnetized binary neutron star merger simulation on K" Video
July 8, 2014 P. Cerdá-Durán "On the nature of magnetar QPOs...and other MHD stuff" Video
July 8, 2014 D. Neilsen "Recent work with neutron star binaries and beyond" Video
July 9, 2014 Z. Etienne "News Tools and Techniques for Compact Binary Merger Simulations" Video
July 9, 2014 D. Radice "High-Order Methods for General-Relativistic Hydrodynamics" Video not available
July 10, 2014 M. Shibata "Merger of binary neutron stars:
Gravitational waves and electromagnetic counterparts -
Numerical-relativity study"
July 11, 2014 F. Foucart "Neutron Star - Black Hole Mergers" Video not available
July 11, 2014 K. Nomoto "Progenitors of Neutron Star-forming Supernovae" Video
July 14, 2014 A.W. Steiner "Connecting Neutron Star Observations and the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction with Gravitational Waves" Video
July 14, 2014 S. Mahmoodifar "Neutron Star Seismology with Accreting Millisecond Pulsars" Video
July 15, 2014 C. Miller "Challenges in Measuring Neutron Star Radii" Video not available
July 16, 2014 O. Benhar "Toward a unified description of equilibrium and dynamics of neutron star matter" Video not available
July 16, 2014 S. Gandolfi "The EOS of neutron matter, symmetry energy, and the effect of Λ hyperons to neutron star structure" Video not available
July 16, 2014 M. Prakash "Key Nuclear Physics Issues" Video not available
July 17, 2014 J.M. Lattimer "Masses and Radii of Neutron Stars from Observation and Theory" Video not available
July 17, 2014 W. Ho "Tests of nuclear properties with astronomical observations of neutron stars" Video
July 18, 2014 N. Chamel "Recent developments in the modelling of neutron-star crusts" Video
July 18, 2014 A. Sedrakian "Hyperons and quarks in massive compact stars" Video - Part 1
Video - Part 2
Video - Part 3
July 21, 2014 B. Metzger "Signatures of Binary Neutron Star Mergers" Video not available
July 21, 2014 B. Zhang "Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Events" Video not available
July 22, 2014 C.J. Horowitz "The Crust of Merging Neutron Stars" Video
July 22, 2014 F. Pannarale "Joint Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Observations of Neutron-Star-Black-Hole Coalescing Binaries" Video
July 22, 2014 D. Tsang "Resonant Shattering of Neutron Star Crusts" Video not available
July 23, 2014 T. Piran "The rate of short Gamma Ray Bursts and NS2 mergers" Video
July 23, 2014 C. Fryer "Probes of the Supernova Engine" Video not available
July 24, 2014 E. Berger "Short GRBs: Progenitor Properties and Implications for EM Studies of GW Sources" Video
July 24, 2014 Y. Sekiguchi "Binary neutron star merger and r-process" Video - Part 1
Video - Part 2
Video - Part 3
July 25, 2014 E. Mottola "Gravitational condensate stars: the non-singular endpoint of gravitational collapse" Video

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