INT Program 14-1

Universality in few-body systems: Theoretical challenges and new directions

March 10, 2014 - May 16, 2014


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Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
March 10, 2014 C.A. Bertulani "Nucleon-α scattering in EFT" Video not available
March 11, 2014 C. Trefzger "An impurity in a Fermi sea on a narrow Feshbach resonance: A variational study of the polaronic and dimeronic branches" Video
March 12, 2014 M. Kruse "Isospin-mixing corrections for super allowed Fermi-beta decay from ab-initio calculations" Video not available
March 13, 2014 N.P. Mehta "Mass dependent energies and scattering lengths for three and four-particle two-component systems under 1D confinement" Video not available
March 14, 2014 R. Briceño "Lattice QCD & strongly interacting few-body systems
A universal result and not-so-universal implications"
March 17, 2014 C. Greene "The few-boson problem near unitarity: recent theory and experiments" Video
March 18, 2014 N. Harshman "Spectroscopy for a few atoms harmonically-trapped in one dimension" Video
March 19, 2014 S.A. Coon "Properties of infrared extrapolations in a harmonic oscillator basis" Video not available
March 20, 2014 W. Zhang "Exotic pairing states in 2D Fermi gases with Rashba spin-orbit coupling" Video
March 21, 2014 J.P. D'Incao "Three-body Physics in Quenched Unitary Bose gases" Video
March 24, 2014 K. Daily "Few-body systems of positrons and electrons
Adiabatic hyperspherical development"
March 25, 2014 R. Schmidt "Efimov physics beyond universality with ultracold atoms" Video
March 26, 2014 S. Quaglioni "Three-cluster dynamics within an ab initio frame" Video
March 27, 2014 J. Lynn "Quantum Monte Carlo calculations for light nuclei using chiral forces" Video
March 28, 2014 N. Zinner "Strongly interacting fermions and bosons in one dimension
- exact results and magnetic correlations"
March 31, 2014 J.W. Holt "Nuclear few- and many-body systems in a discrete variable representation basis" Video
April 1, 2014 S. Moroz "Super Efimov effect" Video not available
April 2, 2014 S. König "Proton-deuteron scattering lengths in pionless effective field theory" Video not available
April 3, 2014 B. Acharya "One- and Two-Neutron Halos in Effective Field Theory" Video
April 4, 2014 A.G. Volosniev "Borromean States of Three Identical Particles in Two Spatial Dimensions" Video Part A
Video Part B
April 7, 2014 M. Alvioli "Universality of Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations in One- and Two-Body Momentum Distributions" Video
April 8, 2014 H. Lenske "Fano Resonances in Atomic, Nuclear, and Hadronic Systems
Particle Dynamics at the Threshold"
April 9, 2014 M.R. Hadizadeh "Universality in Four-Boson Systems" Video Part A
Video Part B
Video Part C
Video Part D
Video Part E
April 9, 2014 D. Hudson Smith "Contacts for Identical Bosons near Unitarity" Video
April 10, 2014 U. van Kolck "Effective Field Theory for Lattice Nuclei" Video not available
April 11, 2014 M. Parish "Universal bound states in confined geometries" Video not available
April 14, 2014 J. Levinsen "Strong atom-dimer attraction in a Fermi-Fermi mixture" Video
April 15, 2014 J. Vanasse "Fully Perturbative Calculation of nd Scattering to Next-to-next-to-leading-order" Video not available
April 16, 2014 P. Johnson "Influence of trap anisotropy and dimensionality on perturbative effective 2- and 3-body interactions" Video
April 16, 2014 Y. Yan "Harmonically trapped unitary few-body systems at finite temperature" Video
April 18, 2014 P. Massignan "Dressed impurities in an ideal Fermi gas: an (N+1)-body problem, with N>>1" Video
April 21, 2014 E. Tiesinga "Fesbach Resonances and the Control of the Group Velocity of Atoms Propagating Through a Bose Condensate
The Matter Wave equivalent of slow light"
April 22, 2014 X. Zhang "Combining ab initio calculations and EFT for loosely bounded systems: 7Li(n,γ)8Li and 7Be(p,γ)8B" Video
April 22, 2014 N. Barnea "Experimental Evaluation of the Nuclear Neutron-Proton Contact" Video
April 23, 2014 A. Shebeko "A fresh approach to the theory of electromagnetic interactions with nuclei (bound systems) and the method of unitary clothing transformations in quantum field theory" Video
April 24, 2014 S. Kotochigova "Long-range Universality and Chaos in Ultracold Collisions of the Highly Magnetic Atoms" Video
April 25, 2014 O.I. Kartavtsev "(On) Complete universal description of the three-body spectrum of two-component fermions" Video
April 29, 2014 F. Werner "Three-body loss rate for the non-degenerate Bose gas at infinite or negative scattering length within the universal zero-range theory" Video not available
April 29, 2014 E. Pazy "Efimov States as Fields on a Fractal" Video
April 30, 2014 J. Rotureau "Strongly-interacting few-fermion systems in a trap" Video not available
May 2, 2014 Z. Davoudi "Three-body finite-volume formalism for lattice QCD" Video
May 5, 2014 P.S. Julienne "Van der Waals Universality in cold atomic and molecular systems" Video not available
May 6, 2014 P. Naidon "Microscopic origin and universality classes of the Efimov three-body parameter" Video
May 6, 2014 Z. Yu "How Universal are the Super-Efimov States?" Video
May 7, 2014 F. Zhou "The running of couplings and anomalous thermodynamics" Video
May 8, 2014 M.C. Birse "Universal behaviour of four-boson systems from a functional renormalisation group" Video
May 8, 2014 T. Frederico "Weakly Bound few-particle systems in 3 and 2 dimensions" Video not available
May 9, 2014 S. Bacca "Understanding the proton radius puzzle: Nuclear structure corrections in light muonic atoms" Video not available
May 9, 2014 Y. Suzuki "Triple-alpha reactions at low energy" Video not available
May 12, 2014 A. Kievsky "Selected Topics in 3N and 4N Systems" Video not available
May 12, 2014 A. Kwiatkowski "Benchmarks from high-precision mass measurements at TITAN" Video not available
May 12, 2014 L. You "Ultracold collisions in the presence of spin orbit coupling" Video not available
May 12, 2014 D. Gupta "Strongly Interacting Regimes in the Lithium-Ytterbium System" Video not available
May 12, 2014 H. Zhai "Few-Body Problems in Spin-Orbit Coupled Cold Atom Systems" Video not available
May 13, 2014 R. Grimm "Efimov and beyond: new twists in few-body physics with ultracold bosons and fermions" Video not available
May 13, 2014 M. Gattobigio "Universality and Scaling in Shallow Bound States" Video not available
May 13, 2014 Y. Nishida "Few-body universality: from Efimov effect to super Efimov effect" Video not available
May 13, 2014 C. Parker "Geometric scaling of three-body collision resonances for a 6Li-133Cs mixture in the Efimov scenario" Video not available
May 13, 2014 E. Kuhnle "Observation of Efimov resonances in a mixture with extreme mass imbalance" Video not available
May 14, 2014 J.E. Thomas "Measuring Scale Invariance and Viscosity in Fermi Gases" Video not available
May 14, 2014 T. Nakamura "Weakly-bound and unbound few-body nucleonic systems" Video not available
May 14, 2014 Ch. Elster "The Coulomb Problem in Momentum Space without Screening" Video not available
May 14, 2014 C. Ji "From Cold Atoms to Halo Nuclei
An EFT description of three-body physics"
Video not available
May 15, 2014 J.H. Denschlag "Cold few-body collisions between atoms, ions and molecules" Video not available
May 15, 2014 A.N. Nicholson "Universality from a lattice" Video not available
May 15, 2014 E. Hiyama "Four-body calculations of 4He tetramer and light hypernuclei using realistic two-body potentials" Video not available
May 15, 2014 S. Endo "Perfect screening of the Efimov effect by the dense Fermi sea" Video not available
May 15, 2014 L. Khaykovich "Three-body recombination at vanishing scattering lengths" Video not available
May 15, 2014 J.M. Pawlowski "Equation of state and phase structure of ultracold quantum gases in 2 & 3 dimensions" Video not available
May 15, 2014 C. Ticknor "Universal Aspects of Dipolar Scattering" Video not available
May 16, 2014 D. Petrov "Multi-Body Interacting Bosons" Video not available
May 16, 2014 Y. Castin "AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE EFIMOV EFFECT" Video not available
May 16, 2014 D. Lee "Adiabatic projection method for lattice scattering and reactions" Video not available

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