INT Program 13-2a

Advances in quantum Monte Carlo techniques for non-relativistic many-body systems

June 24 - August 2, 2013


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Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
June 24, 2013 L. Mitas "Recent progress in quantum Monte Carlo: pairing wave functions, fermion node nonlinearities and many-body effects" Video
June 25, 2013 T. Lähde "Lattice Effective Field Theory for Nuclei from A = 4 to A = 28" Video
June 25, 2013 E. Vitali "Dynamical imaginary-time correlations from Auxiliary Fields Quantum Monte Carlo" Video
June 26, 2013 M. Boninsegni "Worm Algorithm for large-scale QMC simulations in continuous space" Video
June 27, 2013 S. Sorella "Recent progress in the electronic simulation by ab-initio molecular dynamics and QMC force" Video
June 28, 2013 M. Rossi "Path Integral Ground State Monte Carlo: Study of quantum fluids and solids" Video
June 28, 2013 M. Dubecký "Quantum Monte Carlo for Noncovalent Interactions" Video not available
July 1, 2013 S. Moroni "Forces and Response Functions in QMC" Video
July 1, 2013 R. Rota "Quantum Monte Carlo study of the dynamic structure factor of Bose hard-sphere systems" Video
July 2, 2013 A. Gezerlis "Quantum Monte Carlo with chiral Effective Field Theory Interactions" Video
July 2, 2013 M. Per "Expectation values in QMC" Video
July 3, 2013 P. Magierski "Equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of unitary Fermi gas from Quantum Monte Carlo" Video
July 3, 2013 M. Morales "Quantum Monte Carlo benchmark of exchange-correlation functionals for ab-initio simulations" Video
July 5, 2013 B. Rubenstein "Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo for Bose-Fermi Mixtures" Video
July 5, 2013 C.N. Gilbreth "Stabilizing Canonical-Ensemble Calculations in the Auxiliary-Field Monte Carlo Method" Video not available
July 8, 2013 K.E. Schmidt "Pairing wave functions for quantum Monte Carlo methods" Video
July 9, 2013 C. Umrigar "Semistochastic Quantum Monte Carlo - a Hybrid of Exact Diagonalization and QMC Methods" and "Quantum Zigzag Phase Transition in Quantum Wires" Video
July 9, 2013 M. Troyer "CT-QMC solvers for quantum impurity problems and the equation of state of the 3D Hubbard model" Video
July 10, 2013 S. Chandrasekharan "Fermion Bag Approach to Fermion Sign Problems" Video
July 10, 2013 E. Neuscamman "Gluing Coupled Cluster to Geminal Powers with Quantum Monte Carlo" Video
July 11, 2013 D. Lee "Latest Results from Nuclear Lattice Effective Field Theory" Video
July 11, 2013 A. Nicholson "Lattice QCD study of baryon properties in a meson medium" Video not available
July 12, 2013 N. Tubman "Renyi Entropy of coulombic systems" Video
July 12, 2013 B. Clark "Algorithms for Finite Temperature QMC" Video
July 15, 2013 M. Kalos "Methods of Fermion Monte Carlo" Video
July 16, 2013 D. Ceperley "PIMC vs DMC" Video
July 16, 2013 A. Roggero "Dynamical Structure Factors from Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of a Proper Integral Transform" Video not available
July 17, 2013 A. Bulgac "Fermions in the unitary regime at finite temperatures" Video
July 17, 2013 E. Brown "Path Integral Monte Carlo Methods for the Homogeneous Electron Gas" Video
July 18, 2013 P. de Forcrand "The sign problem in Lattice QCD" Video
July 18, 2013 S. Pilati "Ultracold atoms in optical lattices: beyond the Hubbard model" Video
July 19, 2013 A. Lovato "Sum rules of electromagnetic response functions in 12C" Video
July 22, 2013 S. Zhang Recent progress in auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo Video
July 23, 2013 R.B. Wiringa "Nuclear quantum Monte Carlo" Video
July 24, 2013 F. Mazzanti "Microscopic Description of Anisotropic Quantum Bose Dipoles in 2D" Video
July 25, 2013 P. Lepage "Nonrelativistic Renormalization" Video
July 25, 2013 A. Mukherjee "Quantum Monte Carlo in momentum space and on the Lefschetz thimble" Video
July 26, 2013 D. Roscher "Tackling the Sign Problem of Ultracold Fermi Gases with Mass-Imbalance" Video
July 29, 2013 D. Lonardoni "The strange way from nuclei to neutron stars: a Quantum Monte Carlo approach" Video
July 31, 2013 N. Barnea Nuclear Physics with heavy pions - EFT for LQCD Video
August 1, 2013 G. Astrakharchik "Diffusion Monte Carlo: symmetric trial wave function for a solid and pure estimators for one-body density matrix" Video
August 2, 2013 G. Wlazłowski "Response functions of the unitary Fermi gas from quantum Monte Carlo simulations" Video

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