INT Program 12-2b

Lattice QCD studies of excited resonances and multi-hadron systems

July 30 - August 31, 2012


Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
July 30, 2012 S. Ryan "The excitation spectrum of charmonium from lattice QCD" Video
July 31, 2012 Z. Davoudi "Restoration of Rotational Symmetry From the Continuum Limit of Lattice Field Theories" Video
August 1, 2012 R. Briceño "Multi-Channel Systems in a Finite Volume" Video
August 2, 2012 K.-F. Liu "Roper Resonance and 1-+ Meson" Video
August 3, 2012 S. Cohen "Multigrid Algorithms for Accelerating Fermion Calculations in Lattice QCD" Video
August 6, 2012 S. Aoki "Hadron interactions from lattice QCD" Video
August 7, 2012 M. Moinester "Hybrid Meson Experiments" Video
August 7, 2012 D. Kaplan "Noise, sign problems and chiral symmetry breaking" Video
August 8, 2012 C.B. Lang "Hadron excitations and decays" Video
August 9, 2012 S.R. Sharpe "Multiple-channel generalization of the Lellouch-Luscher formula" Video 1
Video 2
August 10, 2012 S. Prelovsek "Resonances in Dπ and Kπ scattering" Video
August 13, 2012 L. Glozman "Confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and the mass generation of hadrons" Video
August 14, 2012 G. Schierholz "On the Art of Computing Resonances" Video
August 15, 2012 P. de Forcrand "Conformality in many-flavour lattice QCD at strong coupling" Video
August 16, 2012 A. Rusetsky "Non-relativistic field theories in a finite volume" Video
August 16, 2012 M. Savage "Nuclei" Video
August 17, 2012 M. Döring "Finite Volume Methods to extract Resonances" Video
August 20, 2012 M. Moinester "New Horizons for Charm Baryon Spectroscopy"
"Pion Polarizability at CERN COMPASS"
August 21, 2012 A. Parreño "LQCD calculations for hypernuclear physics" Video
August 22, 2012 B. Tiburzi "Anatomy of Hadronic Parity Violation on the Lattice" Video
August 23, 2012 S-N. Yang "Study of resonances with Dubna-Mainz-Taipei(DMT)dynamical model" Video
August 24, 2012 C. Thomas "General multi-hadron ops and ππ 1=2 scattering" Video
August 27, 2012 C. Urbach "η and η′ mesons from Nf=2+1+1 flavour lattice QCD" Video
August 28, 2012 M. Buchoff "Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations on the Lattice" Video
August 29, 2012 E. Chang "Pionic couplings to the lowest heavy-light mesons of positive and negative parity" Video
August 30, 2012 J. Wasem "Omega Baryon Interactions with Lattice QCD" Video
August 31, 2012 A. Walker-Loud "Light-quark mass dependence of QCD: Myths and Facts" Video

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