INT Program 12-1

Gauge Field Dynamics In and Out of Equilibrium

March 5 - April 13, 2012


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Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Podcast
March 5, 2012 O. Philipsen "Effective hot and dense QCD from strong coupling expansions" Podcast Available
March 6, 2012 E. Seiler "Complex Langevin: A universal solution for the sign problem?" Podcast Available
March 7, 2012 J. Verbaarschot "QCD at Finite Density and the Sign Problem" Podcast Available
March 8, 2012 A. Rothkopf "From Complex to Stochastic Potential: Heavy Quarkonia in the QGP" Podcast Available
March 9, 2012 K. Splittorff "The Realization of the Sharpe-Singleton Scenario" Podcast Available
March 12, 2012 F. James "Complex Langevin dynamics: an overview of recent developments" Podcast Available
March 12, 2012 F. James Completion of the talk on complex Langevin dynamics, with an emphasis on algorithmic issues and stepsize errors. Podcast Available
March 13, 2012 W. Petersen "Numerical integration of complex SDEs" Podcast Available
March 13, 2012 K. Landsteiner "Anomalous Transport from Kubo Formulas" Podcast Available
March 13, 2012 W. Petersen "Numerical simulation of complex SDEs driven by real Brownian motion" Podcast Available
March 14, 2012 J.-I. Skullerud "Heavy quarks in the quark-gluon plasma" Podcast Available
March 15, 2012 J. Soto "Heavy quarkonium in a moving thermal bath" Podcast Available
March 15, 2012 D.B. Kaplan "Listening to Noise" Podcast Available
March 19, 2012 U. Heinz "Phenomenological limits on QGP shear viscosity and what they imply for QGP thermalization" Podcast Available
March 20, 2012 J. Liao "The 'First-Few-Fermi' after the 'Little Bang'" Podcast Available
March 21, 2012 A. Kurkela "The role of plasma instabilities in thermalization" Podcast Available
March 22, 2012 S. Schlichting "The non-linear Glasma" Podcast Available
March 22, 2012 D. Sexty "Turbulence and Bose-Einstein Condensation Far from Equilibrium" Podcast Available
March 23, 2012 M. Strickland "Anisotropic Hydrodynamics" Podcast Available
March 26, 2012 J.-W. Chen "Shear and Bulk Viscosities of a Gluon Plasma in Perturbative QCD with Non-Collinear Radiations" Podcast Available
March 27, 2012 A. Francis "Langevin Dynamics in a Finite Box" Podcast Available
March 28, 2012 A. Tranberg "Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis and Real-Time Fermions" Podcast Available
March 29, 2012 S. Caron-Huot "Euclidean Correlators and Fast Dynamics" (Blackboard) Podcast Available
March 30, 2012 A. Czajka "N=4 super Yang-Mills Plasma" Podcast Available
April 2, 2012 J. Ghiglieri "Heavy quarkonium and the renormalization of the cyclic Wilson loop" Podcast Available
April 3, 2012 A. Rajantie "Cosmological Perturbations from Non-Equilibrium Field Dynamics" Podcast Available
April 3, 2012 S. Mrówczyński "Energy loss in Unstable Quark-Gluon Plasma" No Podcast Available
April 4, 2012 A. Vairo "Quarkonium (bottomonium) in a weakly-coupled quark-gluon plasma" Podcast Available
April 5, 2012 D. Banerjee "Momentum diffusion of heavy quarks from Lattice QCD" Podcast Available
April 6, 2012 P. Petreczky "Chiral and deconfinement transition in QCD" Podcast Available
April 9, 2012 M. Carrington "Preliminary results from the 4PI Effective Action" Podcast Available
April 10, 2012 F.D. Steffen "On calculations of cosmic relic abundances of extremely weakly interacting particles" Podcast Available
April 11, 2012 A. Vuorinen "Temperature dependence of Standard Model CP-violation and Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis" Podcast Available
April 11, 2012 D. Banerjee "Quantum simulating real-time dynamics in gauge theories" Podcast Available
April 12, 2012 Y. Zhu "Energy Momentum Tensor Correlators in Hot Yang-Mills theory" Podcast Available

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