INT Program 09-43W

Physics at a High Energy Electron Ion Collider

October 19 - 23, 2009


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October 19, 2009 G. Sterman "Some Perspectives on Hard-Scattering at an EIC"


October 19, 2009 E. Aschenauer "The nucleon structure, what an Electron-Ion Collider will teach us"


October 19, 2009 V. Ptitsyn "EIC Accelerator Design - I"


October 19, 2009 A. Bogacz "Electron-Ion Collider - Jefferson Lab Design"


October 19, 2009 M. Lamont "EIC Detector Issues"


October 19, 2009 R. Ent "The Science of an EIC"


October 19, 2009 T. Ullrich "How EIC can address open questions from the RHIC Heavy Ion program"


October 19, 2009 E. Sichtermann "Nucleon Spin DIS and RHIC"


October 19, 2009 C. Weiss "Physics of the JLab 12 GeV Upgrade"


October 19, 2009 T. Horn "EIC@JLab - a medium energy collider taking nucleon structure beyond the valence region"


October 19, 2009 W. Gradl "The Electron-Nucleon Collider at FAIR"


October 19, 2009 B. Cole "A Large Hadron-electron Collider"


October 20, 2009 J. Blümlein "Status of Unpolarized PDFs and αs(M2z)"


October 20, 2009 M. Stratmann "Status of Helicity-Dependent PDF's or the quest for small x"


October 20, 2009 S. Kumano "Determination of nuclear PDFs in the EIC era"


October 20, 2009 C. Pisano "Delineating the Photon Content of the Proton at the EIC"


October 20, 2009 M. Strikman "Theory of leading twist nuclear shadowing and predictions for small x pdf's and hard diffractive phenomena"


October 19, 2009 J. Qiu "High Twist Effects in e+A Collisions"


October 20, 2009 K. Tuchin "Coherent vs incoherent diffractive gluon production"


October 20, 2009 F. Yuan "Semi-inclusive DIS at Small-x"


October 21, 2009 C. Marquet "Exclusive vs. Diffractive VM production in nuclear DIS"


October 21, 2009 T. Lappi "Inclusive diffraction in nuclei"


October 21, 2009 H. Kowalski "The J/ψ way to nuclear structure at EIC and LHeC"


October 21, 2009 F. Gelis "Factorization and universality in the non-linear small-x regime"


October 21, 2009 Y. Kovchegov "Running Coupling in Small-x Evolution"


October 21, 2009 J. Bartels "Small-x physics and QCD reggeon field theory"


October 21, 2009 W. Marciano "Electroweak Physics at the EIC"


October 21, 2009 K. Kumar "Electroweak Physics with EIC - Experimental Prospects"


October 22, 2009 M. Ramsey-Musolf "Electroweak Physics at an EIC: Theory Prospects"


October 22, 2009 B. Kopeliovich "Boosting the saturation scale in nuclei"


October 22, 2009 C. Ciofi degli Atti "Diffraction in Nuclei: Effects of Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations"


October 22, 2009 M. Burkardt "Generalized Parton Distributions - II"


October 22, 2009 V. Guzey "Nuclear generalized parton distributions at an EIC"


October 23, 2009 M. Stratmann "Global QCD Analysis of Fragmentation Functions and Possible Medium Modifications"


October 23, 2009 A. Accardi "Parton propagation and fragmentation at the EIC"


October 23, 2009 W. Brooks "Microscopic Studies of Parton Propagation and Hadron Formation"


October 23, 2009 A. Metz "What can one learn about TMDs from Semi-Inclusive DIS?"


October 23, 2009 L. Gamberg "Transverse Structure of the Nucleon & TMDs"


October 23, 2009 J-p. Chen "Transverse Spin and TMDs"


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