INT Program 09-42W

Joint CATHIE-INT mini-program
Quarkonium in Hot Media: from QCD to Experiment

June 16 - 26, 2009


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June 16, 2009 O. Kaczmarek "Quarkonium in Lattice QCD. What can we learn from lattice correlators?"
June 16, 2009 A. Vairo "Effective field theories for quarkonium at finite temperature"
June 16, 2009 A. Mocsy "Potential Models and Spectral Functions"
June 16, 2009 A. Velytsky "Static Correlators in SU(2) gauge theory"
June 16, 2009 O. Philipsen "Non-perturbative aspects of potential models: free energies vs. real time potential"
June 16, 2009 T. Umeda "Quarkonium correlators on the lattice"
June 16, 2009 S.H. Lee "Introduction to QCD sum rule for heavy quark system near Tc"
June 17, 2009 E. Shuryak "Charmonium and Flux Tubes in strongly coupled Quark-Gluon Plasma"
June 17, 2009 R. Rapp "Quarkonia in Medium: From Spectral Functions to Observables"
June 17, 2009 K. Redlich "Canonical description of charm and bottom production in e+e-, PA, πA, pp and ‾pp"
June 17, 2009 J. Stachel "Production of Charmed Hadrons by Statistical Hadronization of a Quark-Gluon Plasma"
June 17, 2009 R. Granier de Cassagnac "Charmonium suppression from SPS to RHIC"
June 17, 2009 A. Frawley "Update* on J/ψ cold nuclear matter RAA estimates from fits to dAu RCP data"
June 17, 2009 J-P. Lansberg "Theory of quarkonium production in hadron collisions"
June 18, 2009 D. Blaschke "Heavy quarkonia dissociation rates"
"Charmonium in dense matter"
June 18, 2009 K. Morita "Critical Behavior of heavy quarkonia in medium from QCD sum rules"
June 18, 2009 H. Satz "Comments on Quarkonium Binding and Dissociation"
June 19, 2009 D. Teaney "Quarkonia, Quarks, and Thermal Noise in AdS/CFT"
June 19, 2009 T. Faulkner "Properties of mesons in strongly coupled plasmas from AdS/CFT"
June 22, 2009 M. Laine "Insight on quarkonium from the weak-coupling expansion"
June 22, 2009 C. Young "Langevin dynamics and charmonium in sQGP"
June 22, 2009 J. Qiu "Quarkonium Production Mechanism and Reliability of pQCD Calculation"
June 22, 2009 P. Petreczky "Static quark anti-quark correlators"
June 22, 2009 P. Faccioli "J/ψ polarization from a data-driven perspective"
June 23, 2009 K. Tuchin "Gluon saturation effects on J/ψ production"
June 24, 2009 M. Leitch "Charmonia Production in p(d)+A and A+A Collisions"
June 25, 2009 H. Woehri "Cold nuclear matter effects in J/ψ production"
June 24, 2009 L. Linden Levy "Recent & Future 'Onia measurements at RHIC"
June 25, 2009 H. Woehri "Cold nuclear matter effects in J/ψ production"

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