INT Program 09-41W

New Frontiers in Large N Gauge Theories

February 3 - 6, 2009


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February 3, 2009 L. Yaffe "Large N Limits and Equivalences"
February 3, 2009 B. Bringoltz "The approach to N = ∞ a lattice perspective"
February 3, 2009 R. Lebed "Baryons in the 1/Nc Expansion"
February 3, 2009 A. Patella "Center symmetry and effective strings in orientifold QCD"
February 3, 2009 J. Myers and M. Ogilvie "Phase diagrams of SU(N) gauge theories with fermions in various representations"
February 3, 2009 M. Buchoff "Dimensional Reduction Orbifolds and Adjoint Fermions"
February 5, 2009 R. Narayanan "Large N QCD in two dimensions with a baryonic chemical potential"
February 3, 2009 A. Cherman "A novel large Nc relation as a probe of Skyrmions and their holographic cousins"
February 4, 2009 V. P. Nair "The Hamiltonian Approach to Yang-Mills (2+1): Part I: Basics and Update"
February 4, 2009 A. Yelnikov "The Hamiltonian Approach to Yang-Mills (2+1): Part II: An Expansion Scheme and Corrections to String Tension"
February 4, 2009 H. Neuberger "Large N phase transitions under scaling"
February 4, 2009 J. Kiskis "Computation of the string tension in three and four dimensional Yang-Mills theory using large N reduction"
February 4, 2009 H. Vairinhos "New Phases in Eguchi-Kawai Models"
February 4, 2009 S. Sharpe "Breakdown of Reduction in the Quenched Eguchi-Kawai Model"
February 4, 2009 M. Hanada "Monte-Carlo study of SYM in lower spacetime dimensions and gauge/gravity duality"
February 5, 2009 T. Cohen "Center symmetry, confinement and the Hagedorn spectrum"
February 5, 2009 A. Zhitnitsky "Phase Transitions in Hot and Dense QCD at Large N"
February 5, 2009 P. Vranas "Studying the flavor dependence of SU(3) gauge theory with lattice simulations"
February 5, 2009 D. Nogradi "Flavour number and representation dependence of QCD-like theories"
February 5, 2009 A. Hietanen "The Vector meson mass in the large N limit of QCD1"
February 5, 2009 R. Narayanan "Large N QCD in two dimensions with a baryonic chemical potential"
February 6, 2009 H. Thacker "Domain Walls, Tachyon Crystals, and Large N QCD"
February 6, 2009 M. Unsal "Magnetic bions and confinement in QCD(adj) and chiral gauge theories"
February 6, 2009 J. Wosiek "Phase Transition, Duality and Correspondences of a Simple Gauge System at Infinite N"
February 6, 2009 E. Poppitz "The index on R3 x S1, CS theory, and chiral dynamics"
February 6, 2009 Y. Meurice "Dyson's instability in the large-N limit"

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