INT Program 09-40W

Solar Fusion Cross Sections for the pp chain and CNO cycle

January 21-23 2009


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January 21, 2009 G. Imbriani "Standard Solar Model Data Needs"
January 21, 2009 M. Hass "Solar fusion reactions and the mythological Hydra monster"
January 21, 2009 H. Costantini and H.-P. Trautvetter "14N(p, γ)15O"
January 21, 2009 J.-W. Chen and K. Kubodera "pp S-factor"
January 21, 2009 P. Prati and U. Greife "S33: The 3He(3He, 2p)4He Reaction"
January 21, 2009 S. Freedman "Neutrino spectra"
January 21, 2009 T-S. Park "hep S-factors"
January 21, 2009 S. Freedman and A. Garcia "8B Neutrino spectrum"
January 21, 2009 H. Robertson "Other CNO Reactions"
January 22, 2009 F. Strieder and K. Snover "Report of S34 working group"
January 22, 2009 W. Haxton and S. Typel "Theoretical Issues"
January 22, 2009 P. Vetter "DIANA - Proposed Research Agenda"
January 22, 2009 L. Marcucci - T-S. Park "The reaction p+3He→4He+e+ + υe (hep reaction)"
January 22, 2009 B. Davids "Validating New Techniques"
January 22, 2009 D. Leitner and M. Wiescher "New Facilities Summaries"
January 22, 2009 D. Leitner and M. Wiescher "New Facilities Summaries- Direct measurements of low energy reaction cross sections"
January 22, 2009 K. Snover and F. Strieder "3He(α, γ)7Be S-factor"
January 23, 2009 W. Haxton "Theory: Framing our Review + Theory Specifics"

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