INT Program 08-39W

Soft Photons and Light Nuclei

June 16-20, 2008


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June 16, 2008 U-G. Meissner "Photo-Nucleon/Nuclear Processes in CHPT/Chiral EFT"
June 16, 2008 C. Hyde "Virtual Compton Scattering and Generalized Polarizabilities"
June 16, 2008 J. McGovern "Chiral Perturbation Theory results for polarisabilities and observables"
June 16, 2008 B. Pasquini "Dispersion Relations - Spin Polarizabilities and Places to Look in the Future"
June 16, 2008 R. Miskimen "Measuring the Spin-Polarizabilities of the Proton at HIγS"
June 17, 2008 J. Feldman "Compton Scattering from the Deuteron and the Polarizability of the Neutron"
June 17, 2008 B. Schroeder "The MAX-lab Facility + Compton@MAX-lab"
June 17, 2008 H.W. Grießhammer "Nucleon Polarisabilities from Compton Scattering Off the Deuteron"
June 17, 2008 A. L'vov "Deuteron Compton scattering: a potential-based calculation"
June 17, 2008 D. Shukla "Compton scattering from He-3"
June 17, 2008 M. Ahmed "Challenges for the HIGS Compton Program"
June 17, 2008 H. Arenhoevel "Why is Electromagnetic Deuteron Disintegration at Low Energies Still Interesting?"
June 18, 2008 H. Weller "Deuteron photodisintegration @HIγS below 20 MeV"
June 18, 2008 Y. Nagai "Deuteron and 4He photodisintegrations at low energies"
June 18, 2008 J. Annand "Measurements of Photoreactions on 3,4He Isotopes"
June 19, 2008 T-S. Park "Current operators for 3-body systems - N3LO ChPT currents and applications for GT/M1 properties"
June 19, 2008 P. Debevec "Review of three-body photodisintegration experiments"
June 19, 2008 J. Golak "Calculations of three-body photodisintegration and sensitivity to 3NFs"
June 19, 2008 S. Bacca "Electron Scattering off 4He"
June 19, 2008 N. Barnea "Loretz Integral Transform results for EM reactions in A>4 nuclei"
June 20, 2008 M. Fujiwara "Science Facilities with Inverse Compton Photon Beam in Japan and their New Developments"

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