INT Program 08-38W

A joint INT/Bartol workshop at the Institute for Nuclear Theory
Nuclear Interactions at Ultra-high Energy in Light of Recent Results from Auger

February 20-22, 2008


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February 20, 2008 P. Biermann "Active Galactic Nuclei: Sources for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays"
February 20, 2008 T. Stanev "Ultra High Energy Extragalactic Cosmic Rays: Propagation"
February 20, 2008 T. Gaisser "Phenomenology of large air showers"
February 20, 2008 J. Whitmore "Forward Physics at the LHC with TOTEM"
February 20, 2008 M. Unger "Auger fluorescence profiles and Xmax measurements"
February 20, 2008 F. Schmidt "Measurements of the Number of Muons in Auger Data using EAS Universality"
February 20, 2008 J. Belz "HiRes Composition"
February 20, 2008 R. Ulrich "Dependence of air shower observables on ultra-high energy hadronic interactions
February 20, 2008 R. Engel "Model Tests with KASCADE Data"
February 20, 2008 M. Ave Pernas "Comparison of SD Auger Data with MC Simulations"
February 21, 2008 S. Ostaptchenko "Stability of muon number in EAS calculations"
February 21, 2008 H.-J. Drescher "Remnant Fragmentation and Muon Production in Cosmic Ray Air Showers"
February 21, 2008 K. Werner "EPOS"
February 21, 2008 J. Dias de Deus "Percolation and Cosmic Rays at Very High Energies"
February 21, 2008 M. Strikman "Hadron Fragmentation at Ultra High Energies - Effects of High Gluon Densities"
February 21, 2008 J. Jalilian-Marian "Saturation Physics and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays"
February 21, 2008 A. Stasto "Limiting Fragmentation in Hadronic Collisions and Large Gluon Densities"
February 21, 2008 S. Klein "Studying high pT muons in cosmic ray air showers"
February 21, 2008 T. Pierog "Air Showers With EPOS"
February 22, 2008 R. Engel "LHC and Cosmic Ray Interaction models"

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