Workshop on Relativistic Dynamics of Graphene
January 8 - 11, 2008


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January 8, 2008 M. Franz "Fractionalization of charge and statistics in graphene and related structures
January 8, 2008 M. Fogler "Nonlinear Screening in Graphene Nanostructures
January 9, 2008 I. Herbut "SO(3) Theory of Graphene's Quantum Hall Effect
January 9, 2008 V. Miransky "Surprises in Dynamics in Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene
January 9, 2008 M. Katsnelson "Gauge Fields in Corrugated Graphene
January 9, 2008 D. Sheehy "Quantum Critical Scaling in Graphene
January 10, 2008 A. Chitov "Atomic Collapse in Graphene
January 10, 2008 J. Pachos "Graphene, Vorticity and the Index Theorem
January 10, 2008 R. Jackiw "Chiral Gauge Theory for Graphene-Like Systems
January 10, 2008 S. Sharapov "The Magneto-Optical Response of the Dirac Quasiparticles in Graphene
January 10, 2008 P. Petreczky "Simulating Dynamical Fermions in Lattice QCD
January 11, 2008 T. Cohen "The Schwinger Mechanism and Graphene
January 11, 2008 J. Drut "RG Flow of Quartic Perturbations in Graphene: Strong-Coupling and Large-N Limits
January 11, 2008 E. Mishchenko "Plasmon Excitations in Graphene

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