INT Program 08-2b

The QCD Critical Point

July 28 - August 22, 2008


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July 28, 2008 S. Gupta "New results in QCD at finite µ"
July 29, 2008 M.P. Lombardo "The QCD critical point at imaginary mu"
July 29, 2008 S. Ejiri "Numerical study of the critical point in lattice QCD at high temperature and density"
July 30, 2008 K. Fukushima "What can we learn from model studies on the chiral critical end-point?"
July 30, 2008 B. Klein "Scaling and Finite-Size Scaling Analysis of Critical Behavior in Lattice QCD"
July 31, 2008 J. Braun "Chiral Phase Boundary from Quark-Gluon Dynamics"
July 31, 2008 C. Ratti "A quasiparticle model for QCD thermodynamics"
August 4, 2008 J. Verbaarschot "Phase of the Fermion Determinant and the Phase Diagram of QCD"
August 5, 2008 R. Lacey "The Role of Energy Scans at RHIC"
August 5, 2008 L. Ferroni "Space and Phase Space saturation: a simple Bag-Model-inspired picture for a smooth transition to QGP"
August 6, 2008 M. Asakawa "QCD Critical Point and its Effect on Physical Observables"
August 6, 2008 T. Hell "Thermodynamics of a Nonlocal PNJL Model for Two and Three Flavors"
August 7, 2008 C. Miao "QCD Equation of State and Fluctuations on the Lattice"
August 11, 2008 K. Rajagopal "The Search for the QCD Critical Point Using Lattice QCD Calculations-Part I"
Part 2
August 11, 2008 F. Karsch "Lattice results on the QCD critical point"
August 11, 2008 J. Randrup "Spinodal decomposition: A tool for seeing the phase transition?"
August 11, 2008 H. Caines "STAR and the RHIC Energy Scan"
August 11, 2008 K. Homma "Fluctuations and Search for the QCD Critical Point"
August 12, 2008 G. Stephans "Experimental Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram"
August 12, 2008 K.F. Liu "Finite Density Phase Transition with Canonical Ensemble Approach"
August 12, 2008 C. Nonaka "Hydrodynamic Expansion with the QCD Critical Point in Heavy Ion Collisions"
August 12, 2008 M. Mitrovski "Energy and System Size Dependence of Hadron Production from NA49"
August 12, 2008 T. Schuster "Energy and System Size Dependence of Fluctuations: NA49 results and NA61 plans"
August 12, 2008 G. Westfall "K/pi Fluctuations and the Balance Function-Part 1"
Part 2
Part 3
August 13, 2008 K. Redlich "Charge Fluctuations and transport coefficients near CEP"
August 13, 2008 H. Fujii "Spectral functions near the QCD critical point in chiral models"
August 13, 2008 R. Karabowicz "The CBM Experiment"
August 13, 2008 P. Stankus "Critical Point Scans at RHIC Full Energy"
August 14, 2008 L. McLerran "The QCD Phase Diagram: The Large N Limit"
August 14, 2008 P. de Forcrand "Towards a controlled lattice study of the QCD chiral critical point"
August 14, 2008 S. Roessner "The interplay of flavour- and Polyakov-loop- degrees of freedom --- A PNJL model analysis"
August 14, 2008 J. Liao "Magnetic Component of Strongly Coupled Quark Gluon Plasma & QCD Phase Diagram from E-M Duality Perspective"
August 14, 2008 H. Stoecker "Cosmic matter in the Lab: FAiR=The International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research"
August 15, 2008 R. Scharenberg "STAR's measurement of long-Range forward backward multiplicity correlations in Heavy Ion central Au-Au collisions at √s=200 GeV"
August 15, 2008 D. Blaschke "Nonlocal Chiral Quark Models & Critical (End-)Point"
August 18, 2008 C. Greiner "Fast chemical equilibration of hadrons-the importance of multiparticle collisions in heavy ion reactions"
August 19, 2008 K. Mitsutani "The possible quasi-particle picture of the quark near Tc and its effect on the dilepton production rate"
August 20, 2008 J-W. Chen "Phase Transitions and the perfectness of Fluids"
August 21, 2008 M. Tachibana "Spectral Continuity of Hadrons in Dense QCD"

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