INT Program 08-2a

Atomic, Chemical, and Nuclear Developments in Coupled Cluster Methods

June 23 - July 25, 2008


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June 23, 2008 N. Walet "Coupled Cluster Method and Nuclear Physics"
June 24, 2008 N. Barnea "Coupled-cluster formulation of the Lorentz integral transform method"
June 25, 2008 J. Talman "Optimized potential model for atoms and molecules"
June 25, 2008 R. Bartlett "Ab-initio dft: the seamless connection with wavefunction theory"
June 26, 2008 P. Schwerdtfeger "Relativistic Coupled Cluster Theory for Nuclear Multipole Moments"
June 27, 2008 L. Meissner "Multi-reference formulations of the coupled-cluster method"
June 30, 2008 H. Kuemmel "Measurement in Quantum Theory"
June 30, 2008 J. Cížek "On the Correlation Problem in Atomic and Molecular Systems, Calculation of Wavefunction Components in Ursell-Type Expansion Using Quantum-Field Theoretical Methods"
June 30, 2008 B. Jeziorski "Coupled Cluster Work of Joe Paldus - the Story that Goes On"
June 30, 2008 J. Paldus "Coupled-Cluster Approaches and Quasi-Degeneracy: An Historical Slice"
June 30, 2008 D. Dean "Perspectives on Nuclear Coupled-Cluster Theory"
June 30, 2008 G. Hagen "Coupled-Cluster Theory for Nuclei"
June 30, 2008 R. Furnstahl "Using Coupled Cluster to Validate Nuclear DFT"
June 30, 2008 A. Schwenk "Three-nucleon interactions and nuclear structure"
June 30, 2008 S. Bacca "Three-Nucleon Interactions in Light Nuclei and Possible Approximations for Coupled Cluster Theory"
July 1, 2008 R. Bartlett "The next step in molecular coupled-cluster theory: structure, properties and excited states"
July 1, 2008 B. Jeziorski "Coupled-cluster approach to the dynamic density susceptibility function and its application to van der Waals interactions"
July 1, 2008 D. Crawford "Coupled Cluster Response Theory and Properties of Chiral Molecules-Part I"
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
July 1, 2008 S. Hirata "Coupled-cluster and perturbation methods for macromolecules"
July 1, 2008 L. Meissner "Coupled-cluster corrections to the multi-reference configuration interaction method"
July 1, 2008 B. Fernandez "Van der Waals Complexes: Coupled Cluster Evaluation of Interaction Properties"
July 1, 2008 K. Jankowski "The impact of orbital choice on the performance of coupled-cluster methods"
July 1, 2008 M. Musial "Multireference coupled cluster method in Fock space for excited states"
July 1, 2007 M. Horoi "Comparison of Nuclear Configuration Interaction Calculations and Coupled Cluster Calculations"
July 1, 2008 N. Walet "The Extended Coupled Cluster Method and the Pairing Problem"
July 2, 2008 W. Johnson "Parity Nonconservation in Atoms: The Weak Charge and Anapole Moment of 133Cs"
July 2, 2008 D. Angom "Atomic electric dipole moment calculation with perturbed coupled cluster method"
July 2, 2008 R. Berger "Electroweak Quantum Chemistry"
July 2, 2008 P. Schwerdtfeger "The Search for Parity Violation Effects - Relativistic Coupled Cluster Calculations Chiral Molecules"
July 2, 2008 R. Chaudhuri "An improved virtual orbital based multi-reference perturbation theory and its applications"
July 2, 2008 C. Barbieri "Applications of propagator theory to atoms and nuclei"
July 2, 2008 M. Hanrath "Recent Advances in the MRexpT Approach"
July 2, 2008 A. Samana "Comparison of RPA-like models in Neutrino-Nucleus Processes"
July 3, 2008 H. Monkhorst "Chemistry, Physics and the Born-Openheimer Approximation"
July 7, 2008 D. Lyakh "Building a Wavefunction within the Complete-Active-Space Coupled-Cluster with Singles and Doubles Formalism: straightforward description of quasidegeneracy"
July 8, 2008 A. Taube "Coupled-Cluster Perturbative Triples for Bond Breaking"
July 9, 2008 T. Papenbrock "Coupled-cluster theory for medium-mass nuclei"
July 11, 2008 M. Stauf "The exponential-S-method in Bochum formulation"
July 14, 2008 S. Porsev "Triple excitations in the coupled-cluster method. Application to atomic properties."
July 15, 2008 E. Eliav "Relativistic multi-root multireference coupled cluster method: state of the art"
July 16, 2008 E. Brändas "A Quantum Mechanical Description of the Laws of Relativity"
July 17, 2008 A. Derevianko "Convergence of many-body methods: coupled-cluster study for Li"
July 18, 2008 B. Balantekin "Perspectives on Pairing in Nuclei"
July 21, 2008 M. Safronova "Development of the CI + all-order method for atomic calculations"
July 22, 2008 S. Blundell "QED effects in many-electron ions"
July 23, 2008 R. Roth "Importance-Truncated NCSM & Coupled Cluster Methods for Nuclei"
July 24, 2008 B. Sahoo "Applications of relativistic coupled-cluster theory to P & T violating interactions in atomic systems"
July 24, 2008 H.S. Nataraj "Applications of relativistic coupled-cluster theory to P- & T- violating interactions in atomic systems"
July 25, 2008 B. Das "Application of Relativistic Coupled Cluster Theory to Strong Correlations in Atomic Systems"

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