Workshop on Correlations in Nuclei: From Di-nucleons to Clusters
November 26-29, 2007


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November 26, 2007 Y. Utsuno "Role of shell evolution in the structure of exotic nuclei in the sd-pf shell"
November 26, 2007 T. Myo "Role of the tensor correlation in neutron halo nuclei"
November 27, 2007 B. Barrett "Overview on the Fall 2007 INT Program and a Status Report on the No-Core Shell Model"
November 27, 2007 M. Kartamyshev "Three-body effective interactions in nuclear structure studies"
November 27, 2007 K. Hagino "Di-neutron correlation in light neutron-rich nuclei"
November 27, 2007 Y. Funaki "Alpha-cluster states and 4α particle condensation in 16O"
November 27, 2007 W. Detmold "Multi-meson systems in QCD"
November 28, 2007 R. Wiringa "Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of the Structure of Light Nuclei"
November 28, 2007 N. Itagaki "Interplay between the cluster and shell correlations"
November 29, 2007 Y. Suzuki "A description of few-particle correlations and clustering"
November 29, 2007 D. Cardamone "Decay out of Superdeformed Bands in a Two-Level Model"

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