Workshop on New Approaches in Nuclear Many-Body Theory
October 15 - 19, 2007


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October 15, 2007 W. Haxton "The Form of the Effective Interaction in Harmonic-Oscillation-Based Effective Theory (HOBET)"
October 15, 2007 A. Schwenk "Recent Developments in NN and 3N Interactions for Nuclear Structure"
October 15, 2007 I. Stetcu "Effective Field Theory (EFT) Inspired Approaches to Solving Few- and Many-Body Systems"
October 16, 2007 B. Barrett/A. Lisetskiy "The No-Core Shell Model and Shell Model Effective Interactions"
October 16, 2007 A. Lisetskiy/B. Barrett "Standard Shell-Model Effective Interactions from the No Core Shell Model Calculations"
October 16, 2007 R. Roth "Towards Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Calculations beyond the P-Shell "
October 16, 2007 T. Neff "Cluster States and Shell Model Configurations in the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics Approach"
October 16, 2007 R. Furnstahl "Density Functional Theory for Nuclei"
October 17, 2007 W. Dickhoff "The Green's Function Method as a Framework for Data-Driven Extrapolations to the Dripline and the Extension of the Density Functional Methods"
October 17, 2007 G. Orlandini "The Lorentz Integral Transform (LIT) method and its connections with other approaches"
October 17, 2007 S. Bacca "Application of the LIT Method to Electromagnetic Reactions with Nuclei: Recent Results"
October 17, 2007 J. Dukelsky "Pairing Correlations, Cooper Pairs and Exactly Solvable Pairing Models"
October 18, 2007 D. Dean "Coupled-Cluster Theory for Nuclei Past, Present, Future"
October 18, 2007 J. Draayer and K. Sviratcheva "Symplectic Ab Initio No-Core Shell Model - Taming the Model Space Dilemma"
October 18, 2007 R. Fossion "2-nucleon transfer reactions and shape/phase transitions in nuclei"
October 18, 2007 V. Hellemans "Criticality in the Interacting Boson Model with configuration mixing"
October 19, 2007 D. Rowe "Embedding collective models in the shell model"
October 19, 2007 M. Caprio "Excited state quantum phase transitions in pairing systems"
October 19, 2007 S. De Baerdemacker "The Collective Model from a Cartan-Weyl Perspective"
October 19, 2007 L. Fortunato "Bosonic Symmetries of BEC in Nuclei"

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