Nuclear Many-body Approaches for the 21st Century (07-3)
September 24 - November 30, 2007


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September 25, 2007 R. Machleidt "Nuclear Two- and Many-Body Forces in the Shell Model"
September 26, 2007 H. Nam "Computational Challenges for 3-Body Forces in the Shell Model"
September 27, 2007 S. Fujii "Microscopic Nuclear Structure Calculations with Unitarily Transformed Effective Interactions"
September 28, 2007 B. Balantekin "Solutions of the Nuclear Pairing Problem"
October 1, 2007 L. Coraggio "Perturbative Calculations of Ground-State Energies of Doubly-Closed Nuclei with Realistic NN Potentials"
October 2, 2007 A. Petrovici "Self-Consistent Approach to the Gamow-Teller Beta Decay of Proton-Rich Kr Isotopes"
October 3, 2007 N. Barnea "The Fermi Gas in Dynamic Mean Field Approximation"
October 4, 2007 L. Dieperink "The Density Dependence of the Nuclear Symmetry Energy"
October 5, 2007 G. Rosensteel "What is the Mean Field Theory of a Weak or Strong Dynamical Symmetry Group?"
October 8, 2007 T. Papenbrock "Coupled-Cluster Theory for Medium-Mass Nuclei"
October 9, 2007 D. Van Neck "Quasiparticle properties in a density functional framework"
October 10, 2007 R. Okamoto "Unitary Model Operator Approach with Two-Nucleon and Three-Nucleon Forces"
October 11, 2007 S. Åberg "Global View on Pairing"
October 12, 2007 T. Kuo "Low-Momentum Ring Diagrams of Neutron Matter at and Near the Unitary Limit"
October 12, 2007 J.W. Holt "14C ß-decay with Brown-Rho-scaled NN Interactions"
October 22, 2007 T. Dytrych "Toward a Unified Description of 4n N=Z Light Nuclei in the 'Ab initio' Symplectic No Core Shell Model"
October 23, 2007 G. Stoitcheva "Auxiliary-field Monte Carlo Method for Nuclear Structure: Level Densities and Other Properties"
October 24, 2007 H. Hergert "Hartree-Fock and Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov with Modern Effective Interactions"
October 25, 2007 J. Ginocchio "Relativistic pseudospin symmetry, the nucleon-nucleon interaction, and effective field theory"
October 26, 2007 J. Holt "Understanding Proton/Neutron Mixed-Symmetry from Low-Momentum Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions"
October 29, 2007 W. Leidemann "Recent Results with the Lorentz Integral Transform Method"
October 30, 2007 B. Serot "A Covariant, Chiral, Effective Field Theory for Nuclei"
October 31, 2007 N. Orr "Structure at and Beyond the Neutron Dripline"
November 1, 2007 A. Richter "Nuclear Structure in Astrophysics--Recent Examples from the S-DALINAC"
November 2, 2007 A. Shirokov "No-core shell model with JISP16 NN interaction: spectroscopy of light nuclei and neutron-nucleus scattering"
November 5, 2007 C. Bertulani "Benchmark calculations of nuclear mass tables"
November 6, 2007 S. Quaglioni "Microscopic nuclear reactions starting from the ab initio no-core shell model"
November 7, 2007 C. Barbieri "Applications of Green's Function Theory to Atoms and Nuclei"
November 8, 2007 B. Long "Renormalization of Singular Potentials"
November 9, 2007 S. Misicu "Sub-Barrier Fusion of Light and Heavy Ions"
November 12, 2007 A. Georgieva "Description of Mixed-Mode Dynamics within the Interacting Vector Boson Model: 1. Symplectic Extension-- the even-even nuclei "
November 12, 2007 H. Ganev "Description of Mixed-Mode Dynamics within the Interacting Vector Boson Model: 2. Orthosymplectic Extension--the odd-even nuclei"
November 13, 2007 P. Navratil "Light Nuclei from Chiral EFT Interactions"
November 14, 2007 C.R. Praharaj "Band Structure of Nuclei in Deformed Hartree-Fock and Angular Momentum Projection Theory"
November 15, 2007 P. Krastev "Microscopic effective interactions in neutron-rich matter"
November 16, 2007 V. Rotival "Halo systems in medium-mass nuclei: A new analysis method"
November 19, 2007 D. Heiss "The thermodynamic limit of the Lipkin model"
November 20, 2007 U. van Kolck "Post-Modern Nuclear Structure Theory: First Steps"
November 21, 2007 A. Samana "Neutrino-Nucleus Cross Section in the Gross Theory Approach"

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