The Neutron Star Crust and Surface (07-2a)
June 18 - July 20, 2007


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June 19, 2007 D. Page "Cooling of Neutron Stars: Pairing vs. Magnetic Fields"
June 20, 2007 R. Rutledge "Calvera: An Isolated Compact Object of Indeterminate Type"
June 21, 2007 W. Becker "X-ray Emission Properties of Old Pulsars"
June 22, 2007 V. Zavlin "Thermal X-ray Emission from Isolated Neutron Stars"
July 2, 2007 J.A. Henderson "Solving the Mysteries of Ultra-Magnetized Neutron Stars?"
July 2, 2007 A. Gezerlis "Neutron Star Matter Superfluidity: from BCS to QMC"
July 3, 2007 P. Möller "Large-Scale Calculations of Nuclear-Structure Data for Simulation Databases"
July 3, 2007 S. Gupta "Transport Processes in Neutron Stars: the Need for Better Microphysics Inputs for X-Ray Burst and Superburst Modeling"
July 5, 2007 S. Postnikov "Transport Properties of a Non-relativistic Dilute Yukawa Liquid"
July 5, 2007 L. Caballero "Transport Properties in the Neutron Star Crust"
July 6, 2007 G. Melikidze "Partially Screened Inner Accelerating Region of Pulsars and its Observational Consequences "
July 6, 2007 J. Gil "Thermal X-Ray Radiation from Hot Polar Cap in PUlsars with Drifting Subpulses"
July 9, 2007 Z. Medin "Condensed Matter Surfaces of Neutron Stars: Applications"
July 10, 2007 P. Haensel "Deep Crustal Heating In Accreting Neutron Stars"
July 11, 2007 A. Potekhin "Thermal Structure of Magnetized Neutron Star Envelopes"
July 11, 2007 D. Aguilera "Cooling of Magnetized Neutron Stars"
July 12, 2007 B. Davids "Experimental Efforts to Determine the 15O(αγ)19Ne Reaction Rate"
July 12, 2007 C. Ruiz "Nuclear Astrophysics of Neutron-Deficient Nuclei - Experimental Approaches at ISAC"
July 12, 2007 E. Brown "The Connection between Bursts & Crust"
July 12, 2007 A. Cumming "The Role of the rp-process in Accreting Neutron Stars"
July 12, 2007 R. Cooper "Nuclear Reactions during the Onset of Type 1 X-ray Bursts"

INT Workshop on

The Neutron Star Crust and Surface:
Observations and Models

June 25 - 29, 2007

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June 25, 2007 D. Kaplan "Nearby, Thermally Emitting Neutron Stars"
June 25, 2007 V. Zavlin "X-ray Emission from the Young Pulsar J1357-6429 and Similar Objects"
June 25, 2007 D. Lai "Magnetic Neutron Star Surfaces: Physics and Applications"
June 25, 2007 E. Gotthelf "CCO Pulsars as Anti-Magnetars: Evidence of Neutron Stars Weakly Magnetized at Birth"
June 25, 2007 H.-J. Schulze "Pairing Gaps in Neutron Star Matter"
June 25, 2007 F. Barranco "Quantum Calculation of Nucleus-Vortex Interaction in the Inner Crust of Neutron Stars"
June 25, 2007 A. Schwenk "Superfluidity in Neutron Stars"
June 25, 2007 E. Vigezzi "Superfluidity in the Inner Crust of Neutron Stars"
June 25, 2007 J. Carlson "Pairing Gaps in Low-Density Neutron Matter and Cold Atoms"
June 26, 2007 C. Horowitz "Neutron Rich Matter and Neutron Star Crusts "
June 26, 2007 J. Piekarewicz "The Impact of Terrestrial Facilities on the Structure of the Neutron Star Crust"
June 26, 2007 J. Lattimer "Observational Constraints on the Neutron Star Crust and their Implications for the Dense Matter Equation of State"
June 26, 2007 K. Sato "Nuclear "Pasta" Phases by Quantum Molecular Dynamics"
June 26, 2007 B. Link "The Dynamics of Vortex Pinning"
June 26, 2007 S. Price "Time-Correlated Structure in Pulsar Timing Noise"
June 26, 2007 A. Turbiner "One-Two Electrons Molecular Systems in a Strong Magnetic Field"
June 26, 2007 M. Baldo "Microscopic Theory of the Neutron Star Crust"
June 26, 2007 J. Margueron "Equation of State in the Inner Crust: Discussion of the Shell Effects"
June 26, 2007 C. Fryer "After the Shock: Magnetic Fields and Fallback on Newly Formed Neutron Stars"
June 27, 2007 A. Watts "Magnetar Seismology"
June 27, 2007 J. Heyl "QED and the Hard X-Ray Emission from AXPs/SGRs"
June 27, 2007 R. Turolla "X-ray Spectra from Magnetar Candidates"
June 27, 2007 S. Zane "SGRs Long Term Spectral Variability"
June 28, 2007 E. Cackett "Crustal Cooling in Accretion Heated Neutron Stars"
June 28, 2007 A. Steiner "Neutron Star Crusts: The Symmetry Energy and the Equation of State"
June 28, 2007 N. Sandulescu "Nuclear Superfluidity and Thermal Properties of Neutron Stars"
June 28, 2007 C. Heinke "Constraints on Dense Matter from X-ray Observations of Neutron Stars"
June 28, 2007 K. Levenfish "Thermal Steady-States of Neutron Stars in Quiescent Soft X-ray Transients versus Deep Crustal Heating"
June 28, 2007 E. Brown "Crust Electron Captures"
June 28, 2007 S. Reddy "Superfluid Response and Neutrino Emission in the Inner Crust"
June 28, 2007 J. Dey "Stellar and Terrestrial Observations from the Mean Field QCD Model"
June 29, 2007 J. in 't Zand "Observations of Rare and Peculiar X-Ray Bursts"
June 29, 2007 R. Cooper "Generation of Type 1 X-ray Burst Oscillations"
June 29, 2007 E. Kuulkers "An Unshrouded View of our Lively Galactic Bulge"
June 29, 2007 F. Peng "Hydrogen-Powered Explosion Accreting Neutron Stars"
June 29, 2007 A. Cumming "Nuclear Burning on Accreting Neutron Stars: Where are We?"
June 29, 2007 S. Bhattacharyya "Probing Neutron Star Physics using Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts"

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