INT Program 06-2b

Neutrino Response Functions from Threshold to 10 GeV

July 31 - August 25, 2006


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July 31, 2006 J. Formaggio "Intoduction: Workshop Goals"
July 31, 2006 R. Gran "K2K Cross Section Studies"
July 31, 2006 R. Gran "MINOS and MINERvA in the NuMI Beam"
July 31, 2006 S. Zeller "Modeling Neutrino Events at MiniBooNE: CC Interactions and NUANCE"
July 31, 2006 B. Donnelly "Round Table Discussion: What Can Be Done to Improve the Input Modeling in Neutrino-Nucleus Even Generators?"
August 1, 2006 G. Mills "Lepton-Nucleus Scattering from 150 to 700 Me V"
August 1, 2006 P. Bosted "Nuclear Duality, Electron Scattering, and Neutrino Scattering"
August 1, 2006 R. Tayloe "Modeling Neutrino Interactions at MiniBooNE: NC Interactions and Model Development"
August 1, 2006 P. Vogel "From Threshold to 200 Me V"
August 1, 2006 B. Donnelly "Neutrino-nucleus Physics: Overviews"
August 1, 2006 M. Barbaro "Connections Between Intermediate-to-High Energy Neutrino and Electron Scattering"
August 2, 2006 J. Udias "Pion Production and Relativistic Dynamics"
August 2, 2006 J. Caballero "Superscaling in Neutral and Charged-Current Neutrino Scattering"
August 2, 2006 S. Cowell "Correlations in the Quasi-elastic Response"
August 2, 2006 J. Sobczyk "Quasi-elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering"
August 2, 2006 T. Leitner "Intermediate-energy Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions"
August 3, 2006 R. Imlay "Mini-BooNE Analysis of Events with Charged Pions"
August 4, 2006 J. Amaro "The Semirelativistic Continuum Shell Model: Superscaling in Electron and Neutrino Scattering"
August 7, 2006 E. Moya de Guerra "Superscaling in the Coherent Density Fluctuation Model and Extensions to Charged-Current Neutrino Scattering"
August 9, 2006 G. Orlandini "Neutrino Scattering on 4He"
August 10, 2006 D. Gazit "Ab Initio Calculations Of Electromagnetic Response Functions in Few-Body Systems"
August 11, 2006 D. Vretenar "Relativistic Quasiparticle Random Phase Approximation and Applications"
August 14, 2006 M. Valverde "Inclusive Nucleon Emission Induced by Neutrino Interactions"
August 15, 2006 A. Molinari "The 2p-2h Sector of the Inclusive Electroweak Response"
August 16, 2006 O. Benhar "Many-Body Theory of the Electroweak Nuclear Response"
August 17, 2006 R. Lazauskas "A Conserved Vector Current Test Using Low-Energy Beta-beams"
August 18, 2006 N. Barnea "Effective Interaction Hyperspherical Harmonics Expansion"
August 21, 2006 C. Maieron "Nuclear Model Effects in v-Nucleus Quasielastic Scattering within the Impulse Approximation"
August 22, 2006 C. Horowitz "The Neutrino Response in Supernovae"
August 23, 2006 E. Truhlik "Weak Axial MECs and Solar Neutrinos"
August 25, 2006 J. Blackmon "Opportunities with Stopped-Pion Neutrinos at the SNS"

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