INT Program 05-2b

Few-and Many-Body Physics in Quantum Liquids & Gases

August 1 - 26, 2005


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August 1, 2005 U. van Kolck Similarities and differences between atomic and nuclear systems
August 2, 2005 M. Davis Classical field techniques for finite temperature Bose gases
August 4, 2005 N. Prokofiev Deconfined Critically, Runaway Flow to Strong Coupling in 3D Scalar Electrodynamics and Weal l-Order Superfluid-Solid Quantum Phase Transitions
August 8, 2005 D. Masiello Inclusion of mean-field effects in the two-mode model for Bose Einstein condensates in a double well
August 9, 2005 A. Schwenk Resonant Fermi Gases With Large Effective Range
August 15, 2005 A. Bulgac On the temperature dependence of the specific heat of cold fermions in the bulk and in traps
August 23, 2005 M. Baranov Fermionic dipolar gases: many-body physics with anisotropic interactions
August 24, 2005 D. Roberts Casimir-like drag in a slow-moving Bose-Einstein condensate
August 25, 2005 S. Choi Quasiparticle excitations in rotating and non-rotating BEC's

Workshop on New Developments in Quantum Gases

August 11 - 13, 2005


August 11, 2005 P. Meystre Quantum optics of ultracold molecular fields
August 11, 2005 P. Bedaque Three-atom affects in quantum gases
August 11, 2005 B. Esry Energy, scattering length, and mass dependence of ultracold three-body collisions
August 11, 2005 A. Polkovnikov Superfluid-Insulator Transition in a Moving System of Interacting Bosons
August 12, 2005 B. Svistunov Unitary Regime of BCS-BEC Crossover: Diagrammatic Determinant Monte Carlo
August 12, 2005 A. Fetter Rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates

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