INT Program 04-1

QCD and Dense Matter: From Lattices to Stars

March 29, 2004 - June 18, 2004


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March 30, 2004 T. Schaefer QCD and Dense Matter: Introduction
March 31, 2004 A. Schmitt Color-Superconducting Phases in Cold and Dense Quark Matter
April 1, 2004 S. Gupta Finite Density QCD with Dynamical Staggered Quarks by Taylor Expansion (Part 1)
April 2, 2004 P. Reuter A Wilsonian Effective Action For Cold and Dense Quark Matter
April 5, 2004 R. Gavai Finite Density QCD With Dynamical Staggered Quarks
April 6, 2004 A. Kryjevski Ground State Alignment in the CFL Phase
April 7, 2004 M. Kitazawa Precursory Phenomena of Color Superconductivity in Heated Quark Matter
April 8, 2004 T. Kunihiro QCD Phase Transitions and Soft Modes
April 9, 2004 H. Ren The Impact of Guage Field Fluctuations on the CSC Phase Transition at High Baryon Density
April 12, 2004 P. Jaikumar Photon Radiation from Bare Quark Stars
April 13, 2004 O. Philipsen QCD Thermodynamics from Imaginary
April 14, 2004 R. Harnik Strongly Coupled Supersymmetric Gauge Theories at Finite Density
April 15, 2004 S. Hands Monte Carlo Simulation at the Fermi Surface
April 15, 2004 D. Sinclair Lattice QCD at finite T and small m ignoring the fermion phase
April 16, 2004 A. Rebhan Thermodynamics of Large-Nf QCD at Nonzero Chemical Potential and Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior
April 19, 2004 Z. Szep A Large N Approach to the T-mu Chiral Phase Diagram in the Quark-Meson Model
April 20, 2004 A. Vuorinen The Pressure of QCD at Finite Temperature and Density
April 21, 2004 P. Forcrand QCD at Zero Baryon Density
April 21, 2004 J. Skullerud Simulating SU(2)-QCD with Wilson Fermions
April 21, 2004 C. Manuel Transport coefficients in a CFL quark star
April 21, 2004 J. Skullerud Deconfinement phase transition with various gauge groups
April 22, 2004 P. Bedaque Asymmetrical Superfluids and Angulon Cooling
April 27, 2004 F. Csikor The QCD Equation of State at Finite T and mu: Lattice Result
April 28, 2004 C. Schmidt The Chiral Critical End-Point in 3-Flavor QCD From Taylor Expansion at Non-Zero Density
May 3, 2004 V. Miransky Surprises in nonperturbative dynamics in sigma-model at finite density
May 4, 2004 D. Litim Infrared QCD and the renormalisation group
May 6, 2004 K. Holland Deconfinement phase transition with various gauge groups
May 7, 2004 F. Weber Quark Matter and Compact Stars
May 7, 2004 B. Kerbikov A Color Superconductor Dilemma: Cooper or Shafroth Pairs?
May 10, 2004 U. Wiese Cluster Simulation of Theta-Vacua in CP (N-1) Models Using SU (N) Quantum Spin Ladders
May 11, 2004 D. Toublan The QCD Phase Diagram: What About Isospin?
May 13, 2004 U. Wiese Pions Versus Magnons: From QCD to Antiferromagnets and Quantum Hall Ferromagnets
May 13, 2004 DM. Tachibana Melting Pattern of Diquark Condensates in Quark Matter
May 17, 2004 C. Kouvaris Gapless Color Superconductivity
May 18, 2004 S. Chandrasekharan Strong Coupling Lattice QCD at Finite T and Mu
May 19, 2004 M. Stephanov QCD Critical Point: Fluctuations, Hydrodynamics and the Universality Class
May 20, 2004 J. Verbaarschot Dirac Spectra at Nonzero Chemical Potential
May 21, 2004 G. Akemann Complex Matrix Models for QCD and Related Theories with Chemical Potential
May 25, 2004 E. Shuryak Strongly Coupled Quark Gluon Plasma
May 26, 2004 K. Splittorff Finite Volume Effects in QCD at Small mu
May 26, 2004 B. Klein A Random Matrix Model for Two-Color QCD at Finite Chemical Potential
May 27, 2004 K. Schwenzer Non-Fermi Liquid Effects in Dense Matter and Compact Star Cooling
May 28, 2004 I. Shovkovy Gluon Puzzle of Gapless Superconductivity
June 1, 2004 G. Nardulli Inhomogenous Color Superconductivity
June 2, 2004 A. Alexandru Progress Toward a Finite Density Algorithm
June 2, 2004 Q. Wang Gauge Independence of the COlor Superconductivity Gap
June 3, 2004 A. Nakamura Lattice Approach to Finite Density QCD
June 4, 2004 M. Alford Color Superconductivity: Accommodating the Strange Quark
June 7, 2004 M. Forbes The Thermodynamic Stability of Gapless (Breached Pair) Superfluids
June 8, 2004 A. Zhitnitsky Magnetic Fields in Neutron Stars
June 10, 2004 S. Reddy Neutron Stars, Supernova and Phases of Dense Quark Matter
June 11, 2004 D. Blaschke Cooling of neutron stars with color superconducting quark cores
June 14, 2004 J. Madsen Strangelets from Space
June 15, 2004 K. Iida Ginzburg-Landau Approach to color Superconductivity
June 16, 2004 J. Schaffner Mass-Radius Relation of Compact Stars with Quark Matter
June 16, 2004 A. Sedrakian Superfluid Phases of Dense Matter with Broken Space Symmetries
June 17, 2004 D. Hong Aspects of High Density Effective Theory in QCD
June 18, 2004 M. Buballa NJL-Model Study of Color Superconducting Quark Phases in Compact Stars
June 18, 2004 J. Kundu Two Key Questions in Color Superconductivity

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