INT Program 03-3

Theories of Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Systems

September 29 - December 5, 2003


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September 29, 2003 T. Kuo Counter Terms for V(low-k) and Applications to Nuclear Structure
September 30, 2003 J. Tjon Some Surprises in Nonperturbative QED
October 1, 2003 I. Stetcu One Step at a Time: Testing Many-Body Approximations
October 2, 2003 M. Lutz Chiral Dynamics and Resonance in QCD
October 10, 2003 D. Vretenar Nuclear Many-Body Dynamics Constrained by QCD and Chiral Symmetry
October 13, 2003 R. Schiavilla Parity-Violating Effects in Few-Nucleon Systems
October 14, 2003 K. Nollett Variation Monte Carlo Calculations of A=6 and 7 radiative capture cross sections
October 15, 2003 N. Mehta Hyper-Spherical Approach to the 3-Body Problem
October 15, 2003 P. Bedaque Model independency in three-nucleon systems
October 23, 2003 H. Griesshammer The World's Birthday
October 24, 2003 B. El-Bennich The Reaction pbar p -> pi^+pi^- in a Constituent Quark Model
October 27, 2003 S. Ando Muon Capture and Solar-Neutrino Reactions on the Deuteron in Chiral Perturbation Theory
October 28, 2003 C. Horowitz Neutrino Interactions in Dense Matter
October 29, 2003 F. Gross Relativistic Effective Field Theory
October 30, 2003 T. Cohen QCD Functional Integrals at Finite Density
October 31, 2003 N. Walet EFT, Three-Body Forces and Many-Body Theory
November 4, 2003 B. Gelman What Can Large Nc QCD Tell Us About The NN Interaction?
November 5, 2003 J. Gegelia Power Counting in Manifestly Lorentz Invariant Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory
November 6, 2003 R. Machleidt Some Issues Concerning The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction Based Upon Chiral Effective Field Theory
November 7, 2003 D. Lee Nuclear Lattice Simulations With Chiral Effective Theory
November 10, 2003 R. Seki Thermal Properties Of Simple Nucleon Matter On A Lattice
November 12, 2003 S. Beane Hypernuclear Physics From Lattice QCD
November 13, 2003 J. Miller Light Front Treatment Of The Two-Nucleon System
November 14, 2003 C. Elster Towards 3N Calculations At Higher Energies
November 17, 2003 V. Pandharipande Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Structure
November 17, 2003 M. Bawin Limit Cycles From The Schroedinger Equation With A Singular Inverse Square Potential
November 21, 2003 A. Kievsky N-d scattering with electromagnetic forces
November 24, 2003 B. Barrett The Ab Initio No Core Shell Model: Its Formulation and Application
November 24, 2003 A. Schwenk Density Functional For Nuclei From The Renormalization Group
November 25, 2003 E. Epelbaum Nuclear Forces With The Spectral Function Regularization
November 26, 2003 T. Park The HEP and HEN Processes In EFT
December 1, 2003 A. Dieperink Nuclear Physics Aspects of Neutron Stars: EOS and Thermal Evolution
December 1, 2003 A. Parreno EFT and hypernuclear decay
December 2, 2003 R. Perry High Precision Renormalization Of The 3-Body Problem With Short-Range Interactions
December 3, 2003 T. Buervenich Some New Developments In Relativistic Point-Coupling Models
December 3, 2003 R. Higa Relativistic O(q^4) two-pion exchange NN interaction
December 4, 2003 G. Rupak Lattice ChPT At Order (a^2)
December 5, 2003 M. Malheiro Dynamical Nature of The Nuclear Pseudospin Symmetry

2N/3N Workshop

October 7 - 10, 2003

October 7, 2003 N. Kalantar What have we learned in two and three-nucleon systems?
October 7, 2003 J. Carlson 3 Nucleon Interactions Beyon A=4
October 7, 2003 H. Sakai Present Status of the Nucleon-Deuteron Elastic Scattering at Intermediate Energy
October 7, 2003 H. Griesshammer Systematic Low-Energy Expansion for Three Nucleons to All Orders
October 8, 2003 P. Sauer Realistic two-baryon Potential Coupling two-nucleon and Nucleon- delta - isobar States: Fit and Applications
October 8, 2003 A Fonseca Present Status of Four-Nucleon Scattering Calculations
October 8, 2003 M. Rentmeester Partial-Wave Analyses of Two-Nucleon Scattering Data: Capita Selecta
October 8, 2003 D. Entem Chiral Perturbation Theory and the NN Interaction
October 8, 2003 A. Nogga Probing Chiral Interactions in Light Nuclei
October 9, 2003 D. Phillips Compton Scattering from the Proton, Deuteron, and Neutron
October 9, 2003 B. Berman Three-Body Effects in the High-Energy Photodisintegration of ^3 He
October 9, 2003 S. Oryu A Non-Reltativistic Three-Charged Particles Faddeev Formalism with the Three-Body Force
October 9, 2003 J. Matthews Three-Nucleon Forces in Neutron-Deuteron Elastic Scattering and Breakup
October 9, 2003 P. Navratil Do we Need a Three-Nucleon Force? Nuclear Structure with Modern Two- and Three-Body Interactions

CSB Workshop

October 20 - 22, 2003

October 20, 2003 J. Friar How well do we understand charge-symmetry breaking in few-nucleon systems?
October 20, 2003 B. Holstein Eta Physics
October 20, 2003 E. Stephenson Observation of dd --> nuetral pion
October 20, 2003 B. Tippens Charge symmetry breaking in eta production in pion-deuteron scattering
October 21, 2003 P. Kroll Mixing of Pseudoscalar Mesons
October 21, 2003 M. Sadler Experiments in Baryon Spectroscopy with the Crystal Ball
October 21, 2003 C. Hanhart Scalar Mixing in NN and dd
October 22, 2003 C. Hanhart Power Counting
October 22, 2003 A. Gardestig Plane Wave Calculation of the CSB Reaction

SI Fermion Workshop

November 18 - 20, 2003

November 18, 2003 S. Chang Quantum Monte Carlo (GFMC) Studies of Superfluid Fermi Gas
November 18, 2003 E. Timmermans Fermion Pairing Prospect In Cold Atom Traps
November 18, 2003 S. Kokkelmans Atom-Molecule Mixture In A Cold Degenerate Fermi Gas
November 18, 2003 A. Bulgac Ground State and Vortex State Properties of Strongly Coupled Fermi Superfluids
November 18, 2003 H. Heiselberg Systems Of Fermions and Bosons Near Feshbach Resonances
November 19, 2003 M. Wingate Lattice Monte Carlo Simulation of a Dilute Fermi Gas: Theory and Numerical Exploration
November 20, 2003 J. Carlson Dilute Fermions From Atoms To Neutron Matter
November 20, 2003 H. Heiselberg Pairing In Atomic Traps, Nuclei, and Nuclear Matter
November 20, 2003 J. Bowers Superfluids with mismatched Fermi surfaces