INT Workshop 03-28W

QCD and String Theory

February 19 - 22, 2003


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R.L. Jaffe February 19 Targets of Opportunity for String Theory: Unexplained Dynamical Regularities of QCD
S.J. Rey February 19 Elementary Derivation of Heavy Quark Potential via AdS/CFT
M. Strassler February 19 Introduction to the Ads CFT Correspondence
A. Manohar February 19 Large Nc Meets Reality
D.T.SonFebruary 20Gauge Theories at Finite Temperature
M. ShifmanFebruary 20Quark-Hadron Duality and Planar Equivalence of SUSY and non-SUSY Yang-Mills
S. BrodskyFebruary 20Exclusive Processes in QCD: An overview
A. MuellerFebruary 20Small x QCD
C. Herzog February 21 AdS/CFT Correspondence at Finite Temperature
C. Thorn February 21 Lightcone Worldsheet Description of Large Nc QCD
A. Karch February 21 From Partons to Strings
J. Hiller February 21 Applications of Pauli-Villars Regularization to Yukawa theory
I. Klebanov February 21 High-Spin Operators and Their Duals
M. Kruczenski February 21 Twist Two Operators in N=4 SYM and Wilson Loops in Minkowski Signature
S. Pinsky February 21 Simulation of Supersymmetric Theories in 1+1 and 2+1 Dimensions
S. Beane February 21 Stringy Mass-Squared Splinttings From a QCD Perspective
D. Berenstein February 21 Novel Double Scaling Limits in AdS/CFT
T. Schaefer February 21 Instantons and Large Nc
E. Shuryak February 21 The Puzzling Viscosity of the Quark Gluon Plasma
I. Balitsky February 22 Small-x Physics as 2+1 Theory of Wilson Lines
A. Vainshtein February 22 About Different Scales in QCD
A. Zhitnitsky February 22 Q2 (N) With Fundamental and Adjoint Matter: Condensates, Theta Vacua, and All That
A. Buchel February 22 Curiosities of Confining Cascading Guage Theories
N. Evans February 22 Non-Supersymmetric Gauge Gravity Dualities

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