INT Program 03-2

Generalized Parton Distributions and Hard Exclusive Processes

June 23, 2003 - August 29, 2003


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P. Stoler June 23, 2003 Baryon Form Factors at High Momentum Transfer
M. Sargsian June 24, 2003 Hard Disintegration of Few-Nucleon Systems
E. Smith June 24, 2003 Vector Meson Production in CLAS
T. Feldmann June 25, 2003 Soft-collinear effective theory: From B decays to the pion form facto
M. Burkardt June 26, 2003 Hadron Tomography
C. Weiss June 26, 2003 Chiral Dynamics and the Spatial Structure of Parton Distributions
C. Ji June 27, 2003 Continuity of GPD and Phenemology of Light-Front Dynamics
D. Mueller June 30, 2003 Recent Progress in DVCS
A. Freund July 1, 2003 Data vs. Theory: Failure and Success of GPD Models
T. Spitzenberg July 2, 2003 GPDs for N to delta DVCS in a Light Front Quark Model
B. Pasquini July 3, 2003 Linking Generalized Parton Distributions to Constituent Quark Models
S. Scopetta July 3, 2003 Generalized Parton Distributions in a Constituent Quark Senario
P. Hoodbhoy July 7, 2003 QCD and the Nucleons' Spin
C. Hyde-Wright July 8, 2003 Virtual Compton Scattering and Polarizabilities of the Proton at High Q2
S. Cotanch July 9, 2003 Compton Scattering, Photoproduction and QCD Heff Calculations: A Quest for Nucleon Strangeness and Glueballs
M. Guidal July 10, 2003 1/DDVCS (+2/ First Study on the (x,t) Correlations of the GPDs)
D. Mueller July 10, 2003 The uses of conformal symmetry in QCD
M. Vanderhaeghen July 14, 2003 Pion Production in Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
A. Radyushkin July 15, 2003 DDs and Models for GPDs, etc
P-Y Bertin July 17, 2003 DVCS at JLab Hall A
I. Balitsky July 18, 2003 Small-x Physics and Wilson Lines
F. Yuan July 18, 2003 Hunting the quark orbital angular momentum for the proton
M. Strikman July 21, 2003 Dipole Approximation for High-Energy Exclusive Processes and Studies of Unitarity
V. Kubarovsky July 22, 2003 Production of pi-0 eta and Theta + at CLAS
V. Kubarovsky July 22, 2003 Evidence for an exotic, S=+1, Baryon State in Photoproduction Reactions with CLAS
M. Diehl July 23, 2003 Spatial Interpretation of GPDs
P. Kroll July 24, 2003 The Handbag Mechanism in Wide-Angle Exclusive Reactions
P. Haegler July 25, 2003 GPDs, orbital angular momentum, and recent results from lattice QCD
L. Szymanowski July 28, 2003 Electroproduction of a Light Neutral Meson at Next-to-Leading Order
J. Negele July 29, 2003 Lattice calculations of form factors, parton distributions, and GPDs
W. Schroers July 29, 2003 What can we learn about GPDs from the lattice?
S. Brodsky July 30, 2003 Light-Front Quantization and Novel Aspects of QCD
Light-Front Quantization of QCD in Light-Cone Gauge
Explicitly Coverient Light-Frost Formalism
Foundation of Parton Model
Light-Front Wavefunctions and QCD
J. Soffer August 12, 2003 Relevance of Positivity in Spin Physics
M. Burkardt August 13, 2003 Hadron Tomography
S. Kumano August 14, 2003 Determination of Parton Distribution Functions
U. d'Alesio August 15, 2003 Single Spin Asymmetry Phenomenology
F. Pijlman August 18, 2003 Color Guage Invariance and Universality
M. Radici August 19, 2003 Interference Fragmentation Functions: How to Extract Transversity and Much More
H. Avakian August 21, 2003 Exclusive and Semi-Inclusive Processes in Hard Scattering Kinematics at JLab
R. Sandapen August 22, 2003 Colour Dipoles and Exclusive Vector Meson Production